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WorldRemit lowers rates for international transfers in African corridors

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The company has noticed an uptick in new customers using its remittance platform in the last few months

WorldRemit has introduced new rates for international transfers in more than 450 of its biggest markets in its ‘largest corridors’ in Africa. WorldRemit is a global digital payments company. 

With the lowered rates, customers will be able to send additional money to their families and friends in the African corridors through the mobile app or website. Kenya is an important hub for remittance services. 

In October, the company established a partnership with Mukuru to further expand their remittance services across South Africa. The WorldBank data shows that South Africa is the most expensive G20 country to send money, with an average cost of more than 15 percent for sending $200. 

Gbenga Okejimi, Country Manager, Nigeria and Ghana, WorldRemit, told the media, “As a forward-thinking company, WorldRemit continues to seek opportunities and innovative ways to keep people connected around the world while offering them a top-class fast, safe and simple way to send international remittances. We believe in helping our customers to access and enjoy the rewards of their hard work and this initiative will ensure they are able to access value even as Covid-19 has financially affected those in both in the diaspora and at home.”

The company has noticed an uptick in new customers using its remittance platform in the last few months. It is currently providing services for senders in 50 countries, and they can choose from an array of payout methods. It is reported that these methods include bank deposits, Mobile Money, mobile airtime top-up, and cash pick-up.

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