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The National Bank of Iraq sees growth despite the pandemic

National Bank of Iraq
The National Bank of Iraq ranks first in the country in terms of growth in customer deposits and net credit facilities

Established in 1995, the National Bank of Iraq offers comprehensive banking services to individuals and businesses in the country. It is worth noting that the bank operates through two business divisions — personal banking and corporate banking. 

The bank’s personal banking division comprises products such as personal accounts, NBI personal loans and transfers, debit card issuance and online banking. That said, its corporate division offers business accounts, commercial transfers, trade finance and foreign exchange currency for businesses. 

Over the past years, the National Bank of Iraq has seen exponential growth in its operations in the Iraqi market — offering a broad range of cutting-edge digital services to meet the banking requirements of individuals and enterprises. These include customer accounts of all types, salary transfer services for both private and public sectors, personal loans, credit cards and much more. 

The National Bank of Iraq ranks first in the country in terms of growth in customer deposits and net credit facilities — two indicators that reflect its health and future prospects. It has also been recognised as the fastest-growing retail bank by International Finance, a premium business magazine published out of London. The bank’s CEO Ayman Abu Dhaim, said “This is another ground-breaking milestone celebrated by the National Bank of Iraq, which has continuously traversed enormous challenges to become one of the leading providers of financial services in the country.” 

It is among the top ten banks in Iraq — and holds the 9th position in assets and 2nd position in growth in net income. The bank has also demonstrated strong performance in employee satisfaction and is continuously working toward expanding its digital services portfolio to suit  market changes. 

The National Bank of Iraq’s commitment to long-term development is apparent — and 2020 promises to be a good year despite numerous economic and logistical challenges on the back of the protracted pandemic. That said, the bank seeks to expand its network and presence in the region, developing a number of digital-centric services to meet the unique needs of the Iraqi market. It will also implement a strict compliance management policy to adhere to the best international standards.

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