About International Finance

International Finance is a premium financial and business analysis magazine, published by UK’s International Finance Publications Ltd.

With a discerning focus on emerging markets, International Finance provides news, analysis and commentary from a range of industry experts, contributors and writers. The editorial team’s endeavour is to address economic and business developments, and provide engaging, informative and factual content everyday.

Banking, Islamic Finance Asset Management, Wealth Management, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds and Emerging Markets are some of the core topics covered by International Finance. In addition, non-financial verticals such as energy, telecom, construction, and utilities are also being covered extensively.

The magazine and website has a growing readership in Middle East, specifically in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait, as well as select African nations. International Finance has started making inroads into Asia as well, with a rising readership in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Srilanka, Thailand, China and Taiwan. International Finance is subscription-based and reaches a wide variety of C-level executives and leading decision-makers in key markets.

As a leading media services provider, clients enjoy maximum visibility through vibrant outreach exercises that include print and online advertisements, print and online advertorials, newsletter promotions, exclusive media visibility partnerships in key markets, and acknowledgement of corporate excellence.

In its endeavour to become a knowledge-provider, International Finance launched its corporate trainings division International Market Metrics in 2016. Based on extensive market research and industry requirements, corporate trainings are developed and conducted in key markets. So far, International Market Metrics has completed more than 50 trainings in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Mozambique, Srilanka and Lebanon on Industrial Hygiene, Crisis Communication, Certified Third Party Risk Management, Basel III, Banking Risks and Regulations and Compensation Management among others.

The International Finance Team

International Finance Magazine is promoted by a team that has deep knowledge across the domains of Business, Finance, International Markets, Journalism and the New Media.

Director & Publisher: Sunil Bhat
Editor: Samuel Abraham
Business Development Managers: Steve Martin, Ryan Cooper, Sid Jain
Business Analysts: Steve Lloyd, Sunny Shah, Sid Nathan, Sarah Jones, Mark Miller, Gwen Morgan, Christy John, Ayesha Misba, Jane Paul, Steve Smith, Alex Carter
Production: Jessina Varghese, Merlin Cruz
Editorial and Design: Adam Johnson, Adriana Coopens, Jessica Smith, Sangeetha Deepak, Prasad Shankarappa, Arif Khan
Marketing:  Aurang Ali
Accounts: Angela Mathews, Olivia Jones