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Rain deploys its first standalone 5G network in South Africa

Rain 5G
Rain has partnered with Huawei for the launch

South Africa-based mobile data only operator has deployed its first standalone 5G network in South Africa, the media reported.

For the launch, Rain has partnered with Chinese telecoms gear maker Huawei.

Notably, the launch of Rain’s 5G network is also the first commercial 5G SA network in Africa.

Rain Chief Marketing Officer Khaya Dlanga told the media, “Standalone 5G will further improve 5G network performance with increased uplink rate, lower latency, and improved reliability, ushering in high-end cloud VR and cloud gaming services, more diversified enterprise and home broadband services.”

“Standalone 5G will demonstrate how 5G is powerful in realising South Africa’s 4IR future. Powered by Huawei’s global leading 5G solutions, our Standalone 5G will enable the industry’s digital transformation in the future, such as smart healthcare, smart ports, smart mining and smart manufacturing in South Africa.”

“We will work with the trustworthy strategic partner to further expand our 5G networks and bring the best service and experience to our customers,” Dlanga added.

According to some analysts, Rain’s competitive pricing on 5G will pose a challenge for bigger telco’s operating in South Africa such as MTN and Vodacom.

Rain activated Africa’s first commercial 5G network in Johannesburg and Pretoria last year. Earlier this year, Vodacom launched its 5G mobile network in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town.

Last month, MTN too launched its 5G network in Johannesburg and Cape Town, as well as Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.

MTN deployed 5G in 2.1GHz using Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, 3.5GHz, and 28GHz bands.

MTN has also partnered with Huawei for the launch of its 5G network.

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