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Telkom sees 50% increase in customer data consumption

Telkom data consumption
Telkom's increase in data consumption is more prominent in residential areas

Telkom has recorded a 50 percent increase in customer data consumption as people are urged to stay indoors to curb the coronavirus spread, media reports said. The government of Kenya and health authorities have requested citizens to stay indoors as long as the pandemic continues.

According to Communications Authority data, the telco’s mobile subscriptions had reached 3.5 million in 2019. Group CEO Sipho Maseko, told the media, “Our significant investment in modernising the network including fibre backhaul gives us comfort in the resilience of our network to support the increases in broadband that we anticipate during this time.”

It is reported that Telkom’s increase in data consumption is more prominent in residential areas. Amid the coronavirus situation, the company is supporting e-learning programmes. It launched a monthly data package and internet solutions known as the Soma na Telkom bundles at various universities and colleges.

“As we implement ways to ensure social distancing in our environments, Telkom’s frontline operations remain stable. Call centres, data centres, fibre installations are being supported to protect the resilience of our network, provide connectivity to our customers and South Africa,” it said in a statement.

Previously, Telkom said that its supply chain remains steady and there is no business interruption during the crisis. It is increasing network optimisation across Kenya, especially in areas that require intervention.

More recently, Telkom and Cell C signed a deal with Competition Commission. Competition Commission had recommended a reduction in data price in its Data Services Market Inquiry Report published last year. It has recommended telcos to reduce their mobile data pricing by half.

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