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Uber reveals commonly misplaced items in its ‘Lost and Found Index’

Riders can also contact Uber assistance via webchat if he/she loses their phone and cannot sign into the app

Uber revealed the most unexpected and commonly misplaced goods left behind by passengers in 2022 in its sixth annual ‘Lost and Found Index’.

Once again, wallets, phones, and keys were at the top of the list of often forgotten items, but riders aren’t just forgetting the usual suspects; they’re also forgetting things like backpacks, laptops, groceries, luggage, and that’s just to name a few.

Norhen Ali, Head of Communications for Uber’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, said, “We’ve all had that sinking feeling when we discover we’ve forgotten something in a taxi, airplane, bus, or train, only to realize later how unlikely we’ll be able to retrieve it. Each day, thousands of objects are left behind in the Uber app-requested automobiles, but if you’ve ever lost something in one, you’re in luck since you can quickly get in touch with the driver to have it returned.”

“Try to keep your stuff in mind as you leave the backseat this summer as you start your vehicle. If you misplace your skates or bike, Uber is always willing to assist in getting them back,” the official stated further.

Calling the driver is the easiest way to find a missing item, but if the rider forgets his/her phone, he/she can still access the user account on a computer. In that case, the rider will have to select the trip where he/she left something by tapping “Your Trips” first. After that, click the “Find lost item” option after scrolling down, followed by clicking the “Contact driver about a lost item” button.

Then, the rider needs to scroll down and enter the phone number he/she like to be contacted at, followed by touching the ‘Submit’ button. When the rider’s phone will ring, it will connect the individual to his/her driver’s cell number.

If the driver picks up the call and verifies that the rider’s property has been located, the latter needs to arrange a mutually agreeable time and location to meet the driver and receive the item back.

Also, the rider needs to leave a detailed message describing his/her ‘lost’ item and the best way to reach the person if the driver needs to pick the customer up.

Also, riders can also contact Uber assistance via webchat if he/she loses their phone and cannot sign into the app.

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