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Kingsoft Cloud selects Equinix to address growing market demand in Southeast Asia

Deploying at the edge brings reduced network costs and enhanced mobile user experience

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, today announced that leading Chinese software and internet service company, Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Limited (Kingsoft Cloud), has selected Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Singapore to expand into Southeast Asia.

According to the Global Mobile Consumer Survey, published by Deloitte, mobile application usage such as social networking, messaging and gaming is increasingly popular within Southeast Asia. By strategically deploying its network into Equinix Singapore’s carrier-neutral internet hub—Asia-Pacific’s network hub—Kingsoft Cloud is able to bring an improved connectivity infrastructure closer to Southeast Asia users for an enhanced mobile application performance experience.

Highlights/Key Facts:

  • Offering cloud-based hosting, storage and database services, Kingsoft Cloud is the main cloud service provider in mainland China to Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. It provides a bulk of the cloud storage on Xiaomi’s operating system that has helped the company serve its rapidly growing customer base both in China and in the world.
  • With the increasing mobile adoption and usage in the Southeast Asia region, Kingsoft Cloud has selected Equinix’s Singapore facilities to reduce network costs and enhance user experience by bringing its cloud infrastructure closer to users in the region and interconnecting with multiple Internet Service Providers.
  • The Equinix data center campus in Singapore is the most network-dense across the Asia-Pacific region, housing many of the international and regional networks connecting South Asia. Together with a wide portfolio of interconnection solutions, the campus offers a private, secure and highly reliable environment for internet servers and telecommunication equipment, essential for the continuous operations of applications and business operations.
  • Kingsoft Cloud’s move to expand in Southeast Asia is in line with the forecast of the Global Interconnection Index, published by Equinix. The Index anticipates more than fourfold growth in Asia-Pacific’s Interconnection Bandwidth, reaching 1,120 Tbps by 2020, with cloud and IT services alone expected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 42 per cent.

XiGang Cao, Partner, Kingsoft Cloud, said: “We are excited to be working with Equinix to bring about improved mobile application performance to customers in Southeast AsiaSingapore is Asia-Pacific’s network hub with Equinix data centers in Singapore housing many of the international and regional networks connecting the region. With a central position that has access to key global financial nations, and Equinix’s expertise in the global IT infrastructure industry, we could not have asked for a better data and network provider to work with.”

Clement Goh, Managing Director, Equinix South Asia: “Kingsoft Cloud is one of China’s leading cloud providers, and it is important that Equinix is playing a strategic role in enabling them to further develop its business in the Southeast Asia market. Singapore is the perfect location for Kingsoft Cloud’s expansion plans thanks to it being the home to the most networked data centers in the region, and there remains immense opportunity not only in Singapore, but in the region for the digital ecosystem to grow. This is likely to develop hot on the heels of China’s One Belt, One Road, and will bring about extra infrastructure investment to the region and reshape the digital landscape.”

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