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The US government shuts down

However, chances are there where the shutdown will be over by the start of the next working day

It’s only the second month of the year and the US government has officially shut down for the second time. It’s the second shutdown in three weeks.

The Congress couldn’t meet its deadline to vote on a new budget and that led to the shutdown of the government at midnight (05:00 GMT).

The 650-page plan proposes an increase in spending, by about $300bn (£215bn), on defence and domestic services.

Democratic Representative Nita Lowey stated before the House vote: “Republican majorities in the House and Senate have turned the (budget) process into an embarrassing spectacle, running from one crisis directly into the next.”

The US House of Representatives along with the Senate voted to pass a two-year budget in order to end an overnight federal shutdown.

While the House approved the bill by 240 votes to 186, the Senate had passed it by 71 to 28.

This has created chances that the shutdown will be over by the start of the next working day.

The move also spared the Republicans from getting into any further criticisms.

The measures are now waiting for the approval and signing of the US President Donald Trump after it has already got passed by the Senate and the House; although Senators faced hard time dealing with the last-minute objections top Republican Rand Paul.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, a top Republican who sees the bill as ‘a great victory for our men and women in uniform’ said: “Ultimately, neither side got everything it wanted in this agreement, but we reached a bipartisan compromise that puts the safety and well-being of the American people first.”

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