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Turkey aims to amplify its e-commerce revenue to $13.14 billion

E-commerce holds a 3.5 percent share of the total of Turkey’s trade sectors

On Thursday, Emre Ekmekçi, Chairman of the Association of E-commerce Operators (ETID) stated that Turkey has aimed to elevate its e-commerce platform to around $13.14 billion (50 billion Turkish liras) by 2018.

According to the Informatics Industry Association (TUBISAD), in 2016 the country’s e-commerce revenue was around $10.16 billion (30.8 billion liras), and around $10.95 billion (40 billion liras) was calculated for 2017.

In the total trade sector of Turkey, e-commerce holds a 3.5 percent share. It has been anticipated that for the current year, the e-commerce sector will grow by 30-35 percent.

Ekmekçi, who opined that the country’s online shopping has seen steady growth, said: “Several retail trade firms had a digital transformation in Turkey, and the digitalisation of retail trade raises the sector and contributes e-commerce culture to the country.”

“Although e-commerce in Turkey is moving upward, this rate is under the world average but we aim to reach the world average in the years ahead,” he added.

Reflecting upon the growing industry, he added that Turkey’s e-commerce sector employs nearly 200,000 people in fields like digital marketing, information technology, and logistics.

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