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Private plane usage surges despite rising jet fuel prices

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In 2021, private plane usage had dramatically increased.

Wealthy families usually opt for private planes or jets. An entrepreneur, Rick Schirmer in a conversation with BBC has stated that this helps them to avoid airport security, crowded airports, and many other things.

He further adds that opting for a private plane or a jet helps in skipping enormous airports and other travellers. There’s no need for him to hustle to make it in for check-in time because the sleek plane will take off when you’re ready, not the other way around.

In many cases, one may not even need to enter a terminal building in many circumstances. Instead, the limousine pulls up alongside the plane on the tarmac. As you rest in a plush leather armchair, a cheerful member of the cabin crew gives you a drink of champagne.

In 2021, private plane usage had dramatically increased. As per aviation data research firm, Wingx, there were 3.3 million flights around the world.

The above-mentioned figure is 7% higher than was seen in 2019 with the US and Europe leading the way.

According to Ian Moore, the chief commercial officer of the private plane business, more consumers are looking for travel options that can provide a regulated, customizable experience that a regular airline cannot.

Keeping in mind, with this comes the environmental impact of private planes. Flights generally produce greenhouse gases which mainly include carbon dioxide. This gas is generated from burning the fuel. It then contributes to global warming. Nowadays, even jet fuel’s price is more than twice the price of what was in 2021. But still, it seems that there is no dearth of patrons.

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