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Leading the way forward in Thailand’s NBFC mortgage space

MBK Guarantee has already been processed $1 billion worth of loans.

MBK Guarantee (MBKG) is a leading alternative funding option for the unbanked population in Thailand. The company not only offers loans to individuals looking to invest in land banks but also to those looking to buy a downtown condominium. The company has started out with a mission to make the services available for those who do not fit the credit requirements of traditional commercial banks due to various reasons.

In order to facilitate this, the company leveraged the use of technology to its core operations much before the trend eventually caught up across the industry. This gave MBKG the edge and agility to speed up the credit approval process and provide online channels that could be easily accessed from everywhere.

These flexibilities and other attractive propositions that MBKG presents have resulted in the company winning major accolades at the International Finance Award. In fact, not one but two awards have been accorded to the company recently. The award categories are ‘Most Innovative Real Estate Mortgage Company’ and ‘Best Expatriate Loan Servicing Company’.

As one of the early movers of the market, MBK has strived towards making loans more affordable for those who urgently need them to sort out their liquidity problems. Other than those with low socioeconomic standing, the company is a favorite for foreign nationals as well.

MBKG has already provided more than $1 billion in funding to investors who have already made a $2 billion investment in Thailand real estate. Customers apply for loans with the company remotely from anywhere in the world, and they can acquire loans in a quicker period of time than with other traditional funding sources.

“We must always attempt new things, do new things, and learn new things in order to maintain the company’s competitive advantages. Trying new things does not guarantee that we will succeed on every journey, but if we do not attempt, we will not be able to better serve our clients. We used a robot to get insights into property sellers’ online behavior, analyze big data to better understand the property market, and extract information to offer suitable products to our clients. This aids in the establishment of a certain level of internet reputation for the company, not only in the home market but also in the international market,” says Mr. Sakchai Suthipipat, MBKG Managing Director.

MBKG’s loan portfolio has grown substantially in the past decade. Despite the fact that the company has helped finance clients who had financial difficulties from the COVID-19 pandemic, the delinquency rate is at an acceptable level and the company’s financial health remains strong during the pandemic period.

MBKG plans to lend more than 1 billion USD in the next three years, making it the largest easily-accessible alternative non-bank for the unbanked, in the country.

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