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A cash-free tomorrow: Qi Card’s 10-year fintech odyssey in Iraq

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At the heart of Qi Card's revolutionary advancement is its innovative payment solution, a trailblazing approach that has transformed the dynamics of the Iraqi market

Established in 2007 through a dynamic collaboration between Iraqi electronic payment systems in the private sector and Rafidain Bank in the government sector, Qi Card has embarked on an extraordinary 17-year journey. Driven by a mission to democratise financial services and a steadfast commitment to technological innovation, Qi Card has not only translated its vision into reality but has also firmly established itself as a frontrunner in Iraq’s fiercely competitive fintech market.

Driving Iraq’s Financial Sector

Over the course of these 17 years, Qi Card has evolved into a quintessential symbol of financial innovation, specialising adeptly in biometric ID cards and cutting-edge electronic financial services. Conceived through a forward-thinking partnership that seamlessly blends private and public interests, Qi Card stands out as a formidable driving force in Iraq’s dynamic financial sector. This collaborative synergy empowers Qi Card to harness the resilience and ingenuity of the private sector, harmoniously complemented by the stability and extensive reach of the government sector.

Boasting a dedicated team of over 1,200 highly trained professionals, Qi Card’s MasterQi has adeptly navigated the ever-changing landscape of fintech, emerging triumphantly as a premier provider of biometric ID cards and electronic financial services in Iraq. The amalgamation of expertise from Iraqi and international specialists in finance, banking, and technical management serves as a testament to Qi Card’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

MasterQi integrates advanced biometric card verification capabilities, enhancing security and ensuring a seamless user experience for secure and efficient transactions.

Blending Technology And Innovation

At the heart of Qi Card’s revolutionary advancement is its innovative payment solution, a trailblazing approach that has transformed the dynamics of the Iraqi market. This pioneering system, the first of its kind, functions based on fingerprint-based transactions, fundamentally altering the way salaries and grants are distributed in Iraq.

Qi Card’s visionary outlook transcends mere transactions and it aspires to foster an Iraq where cashless transactions become the prevailing norm. The Qi Card system, characterised by a harmonious blend of convenience and heightened security facilitated by biometric identification, plays a pivotal role in fortifying a more resilient and secure financial ecosystem for its users.

Secure And Convenient Financial Transactions

At the forefront of Qi Card’s offerings stands the flagship product, the MasterCard, symbolizing the epitome of secure and convenient financial transactions. This versatile card empowers users to seamlessly receive salaries, government payments, and partake in diverse financial activities.

The widespread acclaim garnered by the Qi MasterCard is further amplified by the user-friendly Qi Services mobile application, which plays a pivotal role in advancing financial inclusion across Iraq. This app not only affords users heightened control over their finances but also ensures transparency, rendering Qi Card a preferred and contemporary choice for individuals seeking modern financial solutions.

Qi Services mobile application also provides customers with convenient access to credit products, empowering them to manage their financial needs efficiently.

Cooperation With Western Union

A pivotal juncture in the annals of Qi Card’s history is marked by its strategic alliance with Western Union, a renowned global leader in cross-border money transfers. This collaborative venture has not only elevated Qi Card’s functionality but has also empowered users with seamless access to Western Union’s robust network for secure and efficient international transfers.

The integration of Western Union services into the Qi Card platform signifies a notable stride forward, providing users with a dependable solution for global financial transactions. This strategic partnership underscores Qi Card’s unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive and cutting-edge financial solutions.

Championing Financial Inclusion

Opting for a Qi Card extends beyond the tangible advantages of utilising a user-friendly app. It has evolved into a powerful symbol of financial empowerment in Iraq, actively championing financial inclusion by granting access to financial services to individuals who were previously underserved by conventional banking systems.

Reshaping The Landscape Of Financial Services

Since its establishment in 2007 to its current status as a premier fintech company, Qi Card’s trajectory vividly exemplifies the transformative influence of technology in reshaping the landscape of financial services. Through its wide array of products, strategic collaborations, and unwavering commitment to user empowerment, Qi Card stands as a pivotal force in shaping the future of financial technology in Iraq.

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