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Deutsche hires senior leaders to improve trade finance in APAC

Deutsche Bank APAC
The bank appointed Chintan Shah as the head of cash management and Sebastien Avot as the head of trade finance

Deutsche Bank has added two senior leaders to its workforce to improve its position in trade finance in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

The bank has appointed Chintan Shah as the head of cash management. The bank has also appointed Sebastien Avot as Deutsche Bank’s new head of trade finance for financial institutions in APAC. He will also serve as the head of distribution and credit solutions.

The appointment of Sebastien Avot is expected to help Deutsche Bank explore alternative ways of de-risking its trade finance business in the APAC region. Avot too made his intentions known to take both Deutsche Bank’s distribution and credit solutions and trade financing unit in APAC to the next level.

Sebastien Avot joined Deutsche Bank’s London team in 2010. Prior to his appointment as the head of trade finance for financial institutions in APAC, he was previously overseeing Deutsche Bank’s distribution operations in the Middle East and Africa.

Chintan Shah also has been working with Deutsche Bank for over 16 years. Previously, he held the position of managing director and regional head of cash products and client connectivity for Deutsche Bank in APAC. He has also served as the head of trade finance and cash management for corporates in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. He will continue to operate in Deutsche bank’s office in Singapore.

With regard to the new hiring in APAC, David Lynne, head of corporate bank for the Deutsche Bank in APAC told the media, “Strengthening our set-up in the Asia Pacific region is a must in order to ensure we deliver holistic solutions to our clients worldwide.”

Recently, Deutsche Bank also renewed its partnership with SimCorp, a leading provider of investment management solutions and services. The partnership will allow Deutsche Bank to continue delivering integrated fund services solutions to its clients across APAC.

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