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İşbank to build its presence in China and London

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New innovation centres will be set-up in both places for financial reasons and to run business establishments

İşbank is set to open its new innovations centers in China and London, according to the bank’s General Manager Adnan Bali.

Bali said the centers’ primary focus is not only to provide financial services but also be able to run several business together, even if their functions are unrelated.

At the Uludağ Economics Summit on Opportunities in the Age of Digitalisation, Bali described digitisation as ‘disintermediation’.

“You should not have a mind that rejects something from the beginning. Accept something from the beginning and do not try to prove the truth of it. Prove that it is wrong and then keep working on the rest. This will bring a much broader perspective. We are trying to do this right now. For this, business models must be constantly questioned,” he added.

His emphasis was on the fact that it is important to invest more time in the available opportunities established by businesses and the challenges they bring.

According to Daily Sabah, Bali said, “We have a digitalization management committee. We have been intensely concentrated on this for a couple of years and they have tangible results. There are concrete initiatives we have made to this end. For instance, we have an innovation center in Silicon Valley which we opened two to three years ago.”

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