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Credit Suisse appoints a banking veteran for its Brazilian unit

Former JP Morgan veteran Juliana Pagetti is appointed as the managing director for its international wealth management unit

Credit Suisse has appointed former JP Morgan veteran Juliana Pagetti as managing director for its international wealth management unit in Brazil, according to media reports. The bank is currently open to new opportunities in acquisitions, especially in the wealth management business.

In another development, the bank is fulfilling its institutional commitment to sustainability. For that reason, it will partner with Equilibrium, a sustainability infrastructure and resource management leader, to expand resources and increase capital availability to markets to industries.

Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer and Global Head of Sustainability, Strategy, Advisory and Finance at Credit Suisse, said in a statement, “We are delighted to support CSAM’s collaboration with recognized sustainability leader Equilibrium in pursuit of our shared mission to mobilize capital for good. Today’s announcement builds on Credit Suisse’s long history of ground-breaking sustainability strategies, from co-founding one of the early leaders in microfinance and impact credit, to integrating sustainability into Credit Suisse real estate portfolios, and finally to innovating in the fields of conservation and energy transition finance.”

Credit Suisse and Equilibrium will jointly develop and manage a sustainable resource management platform. It is reported that the collaboration will enhance the bank’s reach on a global scale. It will also combine the bank’s institutional, sustainability-driven real asset and resource management capabilities in the creation of a better system, media reports said.

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