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Ramadan 2023: UAE residents might save up to 70% on groceries despite price rise

Al Maya Supermarket has prepared several deals and promotions to assist customers in getting ready for the holy season of Ramadan

For the holy month of Ramadan, retailers in Dubai have recommended customers look for alternatives and benefit from the sales.

Due to difficulties with raw material imports and high manufacturing costs, the UAE’s Ministry of Economy has permitted merchants to temporarily raise the price of eggs and poultry by 13%.

Several stores, including Union Coop, Al Maya, and Noon, have announced specials and deals throughout the holy month to assist customers.

According to the UAE government-backed retailer Union Coop, the ministry maintained food security throughout all markets nationwide and ensured a balanced connection between businesses and consumers.

“Union Coop gives its valuable customer base various options so that the typical consumer has choices,” the entity remarked.

In a statement to Khaleej Times, it predicted that consumers would increasingly prefer frozen foods and chicken imports from countries outside the limits of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The store stated that prices for poultry items sourced from the Gulf Cooperation Council had changed, but prices for poultry products sourced from other regions had stayed the same.

As a result, it said, “We suggest people look for alternatives and benefit from the promotions.”

Al Maya Supermarket has also prepared several deals and promotions to assist customers in getting ready for the holy season of Ramadan. Food and beverage will likely have the highest sales, followed by necessities for the home and personal care items.

Kamal Vachani, group director of Al Maya Group, said, “We want to make sure that the consumers have all they need to observe the holy month.”

Ramadan is expected to impact consumer behaviour, according to Al Maya Supermarket.

According to Vachani, “the company expects to witness a surge in sales of family-size products and commodities that are frequently used in Ramadan meals” as families come together to break their fast.

Consumers in the UAE and the MENA area are showing a shift in how they find online products this Ramadan, according to Redseer Strategic Consultants.

“They are using community channels to gather information before purchasing rather than relying on conventional search techniques. In addition, it said that such platforms give businesses the authority of customer testimonials and a digital product discovery experience, both of which have grown in significance,” it said.

In MENA, the holy month is observed by around 95% of the population. Therefore, notwithstanding the effects of inflation, MENA expects Ramadan retail sales to surpass USD 66 billion (Dh242.22 billion) in 2023., an online shop, announced discounts of up to 70% on several items as the holy month of Ramadan kicks in.

From March 27 until April 4, the promotion will be active. While purchasing Ramadan necessities from renowned brands like Vimto, Rooh Afza, Knorr, and others, consumers can save up to 60%.

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