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Daimler apologises to China for the second time for quoting Dalai Lama

Says the post wasn’t meant to offend anyone or raise any controversy about Beijing's sovereignty over Tibet

It is the second time that Daimler has issued an apology to China for quoting Dalai Lama in one of its post.

Mercedes Benz, the subsidiary of Daimler, quoted Dalai Lama in one of their Instagram posts on Monday. The advertisement showcased a car with the words: “Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open.”

The company apologised on Tuesday for the first time on one of China’s one of the top social media platform called Weibo.

Although China has no access to Instagram, but the post went viral as Chinese internet users started reposting it and that created a lot of turmoils.

Xinhua, the official news agency of People Republic of China, said that the car manufacturer in a letter had apologised to China’s ambassador in Germany and stated that the company didn’t make the post to raise any controversy about Beijing’s sovereignty over Tibet. The company also stated that it provides ‘no support, assistance, aid or help to anyone who intentionally subverts or attempts to subvert China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity’.

The letter added saying: “Daimler deeply regrets the hurt and grief that its negligent and insensitive mistake has caused to the Chinese people. Daimler fully and unreservedly recognises the seriousness of the situation, which the company has caused and sincerely apologises for.”

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