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Google to strengthen its employee footprint this year

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The Alphabet-owned company is ready to hire thousands of employees outside Silicon Valley

Global tech giant Google is hiring more candidates outside Silicon Valley in the US.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, said in an investors’ call, “We plan to hire thousands of people across the US this year.”

At present, the company has six open data centers in the US. Overall, reports on CNN states the company has at least one data center or office in 21 states.

This year Google has decided to establish five additional data centers in the country. “Last year in the US we grew faster outside the Bay Area than in the Bay Area. To support this growth, we will be making significant investments in offices across nine states, including Colorado and Michigan,” he added.

According to CNN Tech, the company is ready to expand into San Jose and California—not too far from its Mountain View headquarters.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, Alphabet Inc. reached US$32.32bn in revenue. This represents 26% increase in growth from the fourth quarter of 2016 at US$26.06bn.

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