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JetBlue to offer flight tickets at fraction of existing prices with European foray

The budget carrier plans to start with multiple flights to London from the US in 2021

Budget carrier JetBlue is set for a European expansion after it announced plans to challenge established trans-Atlantic airline majors with flights from Boston and New York to London by 2021.

JetBlue plans to fly multiple daily flights from Boston and New York to London beginning in 2021 with Airbus A321 aircraft. Full service North American and European carriers such as United and Delta dominate the trans-Atlantic market. 

JetBlue is pinning hopes on its successful Mint business class to be the lynchpin of its European foray.  JetBlue has customised Mint for long distance travellers with flatbeds and better food options that are not available in other classes.

Round-trip business class tickets to London from New York cost upwards of $8000 for May on full-service carriers such as Delta and United. JetBlue promises to price tickets to London at a fraction of this cost.

JetBlue’s European ambition is set to elicit a strong counter-response from the established carriers. In addition, JetBlue will struggle to get landing slots at Heathrow airport in London which is typically the first preference of business class travellers to the UK.

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