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Mobile operators share indoor digital small cell system using Huawei LampSite Sharing

LampSite Sharing helps operators and neutral hosts transit to an indoor digital small cell era

Huawei announced that it has successfully deployed the first multi-operator indoor digital network using the LampSite Sharing solution in the UK with EE, O2, and one other mobile network operator during the global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) event at the ExCel, London. The advanced indoor digital small cell system shared by three operators delivered an excellent MBB experience to their customers compared to a legacy distributed antenna system (DAS) and proved a successful way to enhance 4G indoor mobile coverage in the UK.

With growing demand for indoor mobile broadband and innovative applications such as 2K/4K video and mobile gaming, a seamless and high-speed indoor coverage is highly important. What’s more, a better connected indoor life is an essential part of a smart and safe city. To achieve this, UK operators and neutral hosts are trying innovative solutions.

LampSite Sharing provides an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solution with a high capacity, multi band, multi operator solution while facilitating emerging business models from neutral hosts and operators. The solution has low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) compared to traditional DAS and is ready to evolve to future 5G networks which has long been requested by neutral hosts. LampSite Sharing helps operators and neutral hosts transit to an indoor digital small cell era.

It took only three days to deploy the LampSite Sharing system in the exhibition area at ExCel and provided a sharing solution for the three operators across multiple bands and carriers. In addition, Huawei’s innovative Virtual 4T4R feature provided max download speeds up to 270 Mbps with a 20 MHz carrier. LampSite sharing is also easy to manage with Huawei’s powerful OSS platform (U2000) providing real-time end-to-end management and visibility of all components of the solution. This functionality cannot be provided by traditional DAS.

Mr. Peng Honghua, President of Huawei’s Small Cell Product Line said: “It’s a pleasure to be able to deploy the LampSite innovative sharing solution with EE, O2, and another mobile network operator at ExCel in London. We look forward to helping operators and neutral hosts to more efficiently solve the problem of indoor coverage quickly with our indoor multi-operator sharing solution and bringing a high quality indoor MBB experience to end users”.

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