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BEEAH: Leading MENA towards a sustainable future

Through innovation, full-circle resource management, and smarter solutions, BEEAH is addressing environmental challenges, while raising standards for quality of life across the MENA region

Driven by the vision of building a future empowered by better quality of life across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, BEEAH is working towards establishing the powerful synergy between sustainability and digitalisation.

Established in 2007, BEEAH Group was originally a Sharjah-based public-private partnership company, primarily concerned with environmental and waste management. As the organisation grew, it steadily adopted a strategic investment approach and diversified into several future-critical industries.

As of 2022, BEEAH Group has established itself as an international holding group impacting the lives of millions through its pioneering innovations in the fields of environmental and waste management, renewable energy, green mobility, transport, education, technology, healthcare, and real estate.

During an interaction with International Finance, BEEAH Capital CEO Zouheir Sabra, said, “BEEAH Group is the region’s leading sustainability pioneer, with verticals across industries, which are renowned for ground-breaking environmental innovations and smart solutions for future-ready cities.”

The BEEAH Philosophy

As a holding company, BEEAH has pioneered innovations and first-of-their-kind solutions in several fields, and helped countries to create and execute their roadmap for a socially responsible future. Reimagining a sustainable future, the Group is pushing its operational limits with the help of technology.

Through innovation, full-circle resource management, and smarter solutions, BEEAH is addressing environmental challenges, while raising quality of life across the MENA region.

Investing In State-Of-The-Art Technologies

BEEAH Group has developed a self-sustaining model for the management of waste and has achieved the Middle East’s highest waste diversion rate of 90%, making headway towards the Group’s ambition of making Sharjah the first zero-waste city in the Middle East.

As a waste management leader in the Middle East, BEEAH was the first to offer several world-class innovations in waste collection, including automated sweepers, electric street cleaners, electric desert cleaners and other state-of-the-art vehicles. It was also the first in the region to introduce solar-powered smart bins that also act as community Wi-Fi hotspots.

“Our groundbreaking end-to-end, digital waste management solution, WastePro+, is another regional first which also allows us to manage our operations efficiently and effectively across the waste cycle,” Sabra remarked.

The company has built some of the world’s most advanced recycling facilities at its state-of-the-art ‘Waste Management Complex’, which maximises recovery and waste diversion to drive BEEAH Group’s zero-waste agenda. The Waste Management Complex houses over 12 recycling facilities dedicated to processing various types of waste including municipal solid waste, wood, plastics, rubber, metals, cars, tyres, commercial waste, industrial waste water, construction waste, marine waste and medical waste.

BEEAH manages one of the largest engineered landfill cells for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Sharjah. BEEAH also provides services in environmental management, including sustainability consulting, air, soil and water quality studies, waste management research, ecological surveys, environmental and safety assessments, as well as site remediation studies.

Innovation Being The Key Buzzword

BEEAH’s renewable energy projects are now looking to harness innovative means to uncover the full potential of clean energy, apart from diversifying the UAE’s energy mix, and supporting national and international goals in sustainable energy generation.

In 2017, BEEAH formed a partnership with Masdar to form the Emirates Waste to Energy Company (EWTE), the UAE’s first venture dedicated to waste-to-energy developments. The “Sharjah Waste to Energy plant” was the inaugural project of the joint venture. It now processes 300,000 tonnes of waste to produce 30 MW of clean energy, capable of powering 28,000 homes in Sharjah.

Marking a new breakthrough for green hydrogen production in the UAE, BEEAH announced the launch of the world’s first Super Green Hydrogen from Waste plant at COP28, which will be developed in partnership with Chinook Hydrogen and Air Water Gas Solutions. The new facility will convert solid municipal waste into fuel-cell grade hydrogen, which will be used to power BEEAH’s future waste collection fleet.

During COP28, BEEAH also announced its partnership with Masdar, and the Sharjah Electricity Water and Gas Authority (SEWA), to develop the MENA region’s first landfill to solar project. This pioneering project will transform empty landfills into solar farms, which will cover an estimated 68 hectares & produce up to 120 MW of clean energy.

The Road Ahead

“We have been operational in the city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia since 2020 serving millions of residents and visitors. Our services include solid waste collection and transport services, and disinfection and sanitisation of waste bins, in addition to conducting training sessions, workshops, and awareness campaigns for citizens in Madinah,” Sabra reiterated.

In Egypt, BEEAH has become the waste management partner for the nation’s new Administrative Capital, one of the largest urban development projects in the world. BEEAH, through its involvement in the project, is serving over 2 million residents, with an aim of achieving an 80% waste diversion rate. The company is also responsible for waste management solutions for the city of Sharm El Sheikh and provided waste management and cleaning services during COP27 (27th United Nations Climate Change Conference).

“Our strategy and innovation in investing in sectors and geographies that are future-driven and contribute to global sustainability movements have allowed us to achieve remarkable success,” CEO Sabra told, while reacting to the news of his organization being honoured as the winner under the ‘Best Financial Department – Environmental Services’ category in the recent International Finance Awards. Sabra was also recognised as the “Best CFO – Waste Management & Sustainability Category” during the event.

“However, we are only at the starting line of our potential here at BEEAH. Our focus for the future is to continue the pioneering work we are doing by harnessing the power of sustainability and technology and engaging with governments, investors, and fellow innovators to do so. Our goal is to continue to redefine the standards of sustainable living here in the region while also contributing to the global movement towards environmental preservation. As we move forward, BEEAH remains a testament to the power of strategic sustainable thinking, collective action, future-focused investment, and visionary leadership in shaping a brighter tomorrow,” the official concluded.

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