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Intelsat, Liquid Telecom to enhance Africa’s communications network

Intelsat Liquid Telecom
Both companies have extended their partnership to offer reliable and robust communications services across 20 countries

Intelsat has extended its partnership with Liquid Telecom to offer robust and reliable communications  network to communities and business across 20 African countries, media reports said. With the partnership extension, the telecom operator will be able to connect more than 2,000 additional very-small-aperture terminals (VSAT) across the continent.

Liquid Telecom Satellite Services CEO Scott Mumford, said in a statement, “Extending our partnership with Intelsat will enable us to continue developing VSAT products with high- efficiency models and ubiquitous coverage; in fact, Liquid Telecom has just added three new high-performance VSAT service offerings to our portfolio, each with a range of data volume options. Liquid Telecom is continuing to drive increased demand and improve service levels across the continent, and this continuation of our partnership with Intelsat is a significant boost in that regard.”

Intelsat is one of the largest integrated satellite and terrestrial network in the world. Both companies have been in a partnership since 2016 to bring broadband and other communications services uses across Africa.

In this context, Intelsat Regional Vice President of Africa Brian Jakins, said in a statement, “We are pleased to extend our longstanding partnership with Liquid Telecom, helping to connect more people, communities and businesses throughout the continent.”

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