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The Aviation Week presents The Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance conference

The conference is set for May 2nd and 3rd

The Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance conference that has been set for 2nd and 3rd May, 2018, will be organised by the Aviation Week. The conference will take place at the The Cumberland Hotel in London, UK.

This banking and finance based conference is likely to focus on areas like engine leasing management sector. The attendees will be able to gain outlooks that would enable them to evaluate the intricate issues from market forecasts to technical updates, with a detailed prominence on in-depth discussion and knowledge-exchange.

Some of the prominent speakers of the conference are:

  • Phillip Bolt

Director at Bolt Advisory LtdReading, UK


  • Carl Glover

Vice President – Aircraft Turbine Centre at AAR CORP., UK


  • Bryson Monteleone

Principal, Tailwind Capital at Tailwind Capital LLC, USA


  • Godfrey Ryan

Director Marketing and Sales, AerData B.V. at AerData B.V., Ireland


  • Richard Evans

Head of Market Analysis, at t Rolls-Royce, London, Canada


  • Bobby Janagan

Vice President & General Manager at Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance, London, Canada


  • Pascal Picano

SVP & Head of marketing at Apollo Aviation Group, Netherlands


  • Dave Carr

Manager – Maintenance, Warehousing & Logistics at TES Aviation Group, Cardiff, UK


  • Richard Goodhead

Vice President Customer Marketing at Rolls-Royce, Derby, UK


  • Brian Ovington

Director of Marketing – Services at GE Aviation, USA

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