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Kiwi Pay Group partners with Bolloré Logistics to open the largest sub-Saharan marketplace in Africa

Under this strategic partnership, Kiwi Pay Group will launch a super app in Cameroon

Singapore-based fintech firm Kiwi Pay group has entered into a strategic partnership with Bolloré Logistics, one of Africa’s leading transport and logistics businesses to open the largest sub-Saharan marketplace in Africa, according to media reports. Additionally, Kiwi Pay Group has also been developing a super app which it plans to launch in Cameroon and it will enable the fintech startup to offer the African market, millions of products from the European market and retailers at affordable prices.

Additionally, it will also let the users pay with the local payment methods like credit cards and mobile money, and this includes air shipping to several countrywide delivery points. The new marketplace also promises Cameroon-based customers to be able to purchase any product of their choice from categories like DVDs, books, computers, games, cosmetics, appliances, millions of SKUs and many more from their mobile in the near future.

The agreement was signed on November 4, 2021, in Douala to officialise it. Prior to this, Kiwi Pay Group was signing various agreements with different special economic zones (SEZs) like CEMAC, GIM-UEMOA and others, allowing them to offer transactions in the local currency, FCFA.

Fongod Nuvaga Edwin, director general of Customs in Cameroon told the media, “This strategic partnership with Bolloré Logistics and the Customs in Cameroon is allowing us to benefit from the strong growth of the e-commerce in the country while leveraging from decades of experience from our partners to ensure a trustworthy experience for the customers and compliance with the local tax system.”

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