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SIA launches advanced payment services for Iren

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Iren is a multi-utility company focused electricity, gas and services sectors

Iren, an Italian multi-utility operating in the electricity, gas and services sectors, has chosen SIA for the launch of advanced payment services. Iren offers the new Payment Initiation (PIS) service through SIA’s digital Open Banking platform. The service allows Iren’s customers to pay their electricity and gas bills online in an easy, fast and secure manner directly using the ‘IrenYou’ app.

 SIA’s Open Banking Platform in fact makes a series of functions available to create innovative services and applications while minimising development costs, technology investments, organizational impacts and accelerating time-to-market. SIA also supports companies in the design and implementation of use cases to suit their business strategies and objectives.

 The digital transformation process allows the multi-utility company to obtain authorisation from the Bank of Italy to operate as a Payment Institution. In addition, it helps to propose itself as an innovative organisation capable of diversifying its offer in the sector and providing customers with advanced services to improve user experience.  

Gianluca Bufo, CEO of Iren Mercato, told the media, “Electronic payments will be an extraordinary enabler for Iren’s nationwide expansion with the aim of combining technological evolution and customer orientation. The new IrenPay service—provided through SIA’s digital Open Banking platform—will be an important tool to offer our customers increasingly digital and personalised services.” 

The media release was shared with International Finance.

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