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Bangkok Life Assurance: Redefining health insurance excellence

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Bangkok Life Assurance offers an extensive selection of health coverage plans, including 'Prestige Health,' 'BLA Happy Health,' and 'Value Health'

For more than 72 years, Bangkok Life Assurance Public Limited has aimed to enhance consumer value by offering personalized products and services that cater to the ever-changing needs of its customers.

The company, with its core focus on ‘Wealth and Health’, has played a crucial role in ensuring the long-term success of both the organization and its stakeholders.

As of 2023, Bangkok Life Assurance Public Limited has established itself as Thailand’s leading health insurance provider, offering outstanding insurance products and providing customers with a sense of security and well-being.

Now, let’s explore the key factors that have played a significant role in the company’s market dominance.

Acing The Wealth Care Game

A strong and competitive wealth management product is one that effectively caters to the evolving needs of customers while maintaining simplicity.

Bangkok Life Assurance has successfully cracked this winning formula in the market. Its life insurance products are tailored to individual needs and are accompanied by clear and easily comprehensible terms and conditions, making them accessible to everyone.

“The company takes extra care when it comes to designing participating products and unit-linked products which both come with investment features. With its team of expert investment analysts and financial advisors, Bangkok Life Assurance can meet the needs of the customers when it comes to comprehensive financial planning,” Bangkok Life Assurance told International Finance.

A Wide Portfolio Of Health Coverage Plans

Bangkok Life Assurance offers an extensive selection of health coverage plans, including ‘Prestige Health,’ ‘BLA Happy Health,’ and ‘Value Health.’ Each plan is designed to address specific customer needs.

In addition to its highly sought-after range of health insurance products, the company is committed to providing exceptional health services with a customer-centric approach. This ensures that customers receive top-quality and dependable services, fostering a positive sentiment towards their insurance commitments with Bangkok Life.

“Bangkok Life Assurance never stops developing health services in addition to great insurance products to deliver the best experience to its customers,” said the company, while talking about the ‘BLA EveryCare’, which is a complete health service program designed to capture the customers’ needs at every point of their health journey.

Let’s take a closer look at the ‘BLA Medevac Hotline’ as a compelling case study. This product is a valuable resource during medical emergencies and is the result of a collaborative effort between Bangkok Life Assurance and its esteemed hospital partners. The initiative ensures the secure transfer of patients to and from Thai hospitals throughout their treatment, emphasizing the crucial principle of “Speed Means Everything” in healthcare crises.

Additionally, let’s discuss ‘TeleMed Plus,’ an online doctor consultation service that helps alleviate customers’ concerns about the early symptoms of a health crisis. It assists them in making informed decisions about whether hospital admission is necessary, providing peace of mind and timely guidance.

“The service can be enjoyed at the customer’s fingertip through a phone or video call. An additional and free service of the same nature is BLA Health Partner offered by the company’s very own medical centre to every one of its customers,” stated Bangkok Life Assurance.

“For customers who need extra care after a hospital stay, Bangkok Life Assurance also offers services such as a driving home service, a practical nursing service and a physiotherapy service to ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to the patient’s home. The company also provides an Elderly Center and Home Health Care Information Service for those who require rehabilitation after hospital discharge,” it noted.

In times of crisis, Bangkok Life Assurance goes beyond its role as a health coverage provider and becomes a trusted friend for patients, guiding them through every stage of their treatment. BLA acts as a reliable financial institution that not only offers health coverage but also provides support and assistance when it is needed the most.

Promoting Quality Services Through Strong Partnerships

Bangkok Life Assurance is taking its health services to new heights by collaborating closely with its network hospitals. The company aims to ensure a seamless and positive customer journey, while also streamlining the claim reimbursement process for families of patients, making it hassle-free, fast, and efficient.

In line with this commitment, the company has introduced recognition awards, such as the ‘BLA Smart Hospital Awards,’ to acknowledge outstanding healthcare services provided by its network hospitals. These awards cover categories like best health check-up services, best customer services, and best agent services.

Additionally, the ‘BLA Best Caring Awards’ honour the insurance agents and staff who are the driving force behind Bangkok Life Assurance’s success. Their dedication and excellent service are recognized through these awards, highlighting the company’s focus on delivering caring and attentive experiences to its customers.

These awards reflect the company’s dedication to quality services, not only within its own operations but also within its collaborative partner ecosystem. Bangkok Life Assurance strives to make the concept of “caring” tangible in every action it takes.

Rather than resting on its laurels, Bangkok Life Assurance Public Limited remains committed to its ongoing efforts.

“Stepping into a sustainable future not only of itself, but also of Thailand, Bangkok Life Assurance will continue to offer the best insurance products and services to contribute to the sustainable health and wealth of Thai citizens,” BLA concluded.

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