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London-based healthtech Abtrace raises £2.1 mn to enhance tech capabilities

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Lisbon-based venture capital fund Faber led the funding round for Abtrace

London-based healthtech startup Abtrace has secured around £2.1 seed million funding to transform how GPs detect and treat long-term health conditions, media reports said. Lisbon-based venture capital fund Faber led the funding round for Abtrace. Other investors such as Ganexa Capital also participated.

Abtrace co-founder and CEO, Dr. Umar Naeem Ahmad told the media, “Abtrace is part of the paradigm shift: from reactive to proactive care, from late diagnosis to early detection, from healthcare records that just store data to intelligent predictive systems that use it to improve and save lives.

“Our results so far have been hugely encouraging and we’re delighted that these investors have made it possible to expand our reach to help more patients.”

The startup, which was established in 2018 by NHS doctors, has developed an AI tool that can be plugged into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) database to identify which tests or treatments a patient with a long-term health condition needs or might benefit from.

Last week, it was reported that UK HealthCare will offer a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines for solid-organ transplant recipients and other immunocompromised individuals. This will be done in accordance with guidance from the FDA and the CDC.

Currently, only immunocompromised individuals who are 18 years or older are eligible for a third-dose booster vaccination. Individuals who have previously received two doses of either of the vaccines are eligible to request the third dose.

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