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Public healthcare to worsen in Kenya as doctors join strikes

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The health workers in Kenya are demanding better working conditions, medical and insurance cover

The public healthcare sector in Kenya is expected to further deteriorate in the coming days as doctors in the country join the strikes carried out by health workers, media reports said. It is feared that the government’s inability to answer their grievances could adversely affect the Covid-19 response in Kenya. So far, Kenya has registered over 94,000 cases with more than 1,600 fatalities.

The health workers in Kenya are demanding better working conditions, medical and insurance cover. They are also demanding an additional workforce, provision of quality, and adequate personal protective equipment in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Strikes carried out by health workers in Kenya entered their third week.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union said on Twitter that there had been no resolution of grievances raised. The union tweeted, “The Kenya government has neglected the Welfare, Safety & Health of health care workers. No provision of medical insurance, Workman injury benefits and Compensation  and lack of adequate quality PPEs. This greatly hampers the fight against Covid-19 in a country with an acute shortage of doctors.”

Kenya-based healthtech startup Ilara Health is set to expand its diagnostic reach across Africa. The startup raised $3.75 million in its Series A funding round led by TLcom Capital, with participation from DOB Equity, Global Ventures and Chandaria Capital. The funds will help Ilara Health further expand across Kenya and into a new East African market within the next 12 months. It will also be used for the development of its integrated patient health management platform.

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