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NYC has to recover $500mn in parking fines

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Weed World Candies launched in 1999 with the goal to get marijuana and hemp legalized and industrialized

Weed World Candies, the company behind the bright green marijuana-themed trucks in New York City, had paid $200,000 in parking fines to get back several vehicles that had been towed in June by the city’s sheriff’s office. On August 15, the company said they will soon pay off their remaining fines.

The owner of the company, Bilal Muhammad, said that the company’s ticket situation ‘got out of hand’ after contractors didn’t pay, leaving Weed World to deal with it. He said they ‘took for granted tickets were just being taken care of,’ and that going forward, tickets will be paid on time.

Muhammad called tickets a ‘natural byproduct’ of having a fleet of trucks operating in a congested city like NYC, but said he does take issue with accusations the company selling cannabis products without a license, which are still not available in New York.

“We’re being grouped with these up and newcomers that are actually selling real weed and we don’t sell real weed. We never have,” the owner said in a statement.

According to its website, Weed World Candies launched in 1999 with the goal to get marijuana and hemp legalized and industrialized. “We tour the country in a fleet of ‘loud’ vehicles promoting the legalization and decriminalization of the cannabis plant and all its components,” it says.

“It’s not clear what the so-called weed trucks were selling in Weed World’s name. The website lists only Cannabidiol (CBD) products, which lack Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, and says its campers sell lollipops”, the NYC department of finance in a statement.

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