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Hejaz Group: Pioneer of Islamic Finance in Australia

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Hejaz Group's incredible growth in the arena of Sharia-compliant home financing has not gone unnoticed

Australia-based Hejaz Group takes pride in making lives better by solving the financial challenges of the community it serves. Since 2014 (the year of its foundation), Hejaz has emerged as Australia’s leading Islamic financial venture.

As of April 2024, Hejaz, based in Melbourne and maintaining a global presence, is delivering a broad range of Islamic financial services across investment management, superannuation services and financial advice, apart from lending to a large and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, and individuals.

Hejaz seeks to create a sustainable, intergenerational, Islamic financial ecosystem to comprehensively cater to the financial, social, and economic needs of the Global Muslim community. To fulfil the vision, the venture is constantly working to provide a comprehensive suite of Shariah-compliant financial products and services.

Hejaz Financial Services prides itself as an industry leader, providing quality service, professional expertise, and knowledge. For almost a decade, the venture has expertly combined Islamic financial knowledge and technical expertise to create specialised products and services, tailor-made to meet the needs of its varied clients.

Due to its remarkable contribution in the domain of Islamic Finance, Hejaz Group emerged victorious at the International Finance Awards 2024, securing two coveted titles that underscore the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the finance sector.

The accolades included the title of “Fastest Growing Sharia Compliant Home Financer – Australia 2023” and “Best New Sharia Compliant Product – Superannuation – Australia 2023,” honours which not only solidified Hejaz Group’s position as a leader in the Australian financial landscape but also highlighted the venture’s dedication to providing innovative Sharia-compliant solutions in the realm of home financing and superannuation.

Testament To An Unwavering Commitment

Hejaz Group’s incredible growth in the arena of Sharia-compliant home financing has not gone unnoticed. The “Fastest Growing Sharia Compliant Home Financer Award for Australia in 2023” serves as a testament to the Group’s unwavering commitment to providing accessible and ethical financial solutions in the housing sector.

In an exclusive interview with International Finance, Hejaz Group’s CEO, Hakan Ozyon, expressed his gratitude and excitement about the achievement.

He said, “Receiving the Fastest Growing Sharia Compliant Home Financer award is a moment of pride for Hejaz Group. It reaffirms our belief that ethical finance can coexist with growth and innovation. We are honoured to be recognised for our efforts in providing Sharia-compliant home financing solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the Australian market.”

Hejaz Group’s ground-breaking approach extends beyond home financing to include superannuation, as demonstrated by their win in the “Best New Sharia Compliant Product – Superannuation – Australia 2023” category. This award acknowledges the Group’s pioneering efforts in developing innovative and ethical superannuation products tailored to the specific requirements of the Australian Muslim community.

Muzzammil Dhedhy, Hejaz Group’s Chief Product & Compliance Officer shared further insights into the development of their award-winning superannuation product.

“At Hejaz Group, we understand the importance of providing Sharia-compliant financial solutions across various domains. The recognition for Best New Sharia Compliant Product in Superannuation is a result of our team’s dedication to crafting products that align with Islamic principles while meeting the financial goals of our clients,” Muzzammil Dhedhy said.

Hejaz Group’s success at the International Finance Awards 2023 also reflects the company’s vision for ethical finance that prioritises inclusivity and transparency.

Hakan Ozyon emphasised the importance of aligning financial services with ethical principles, saying, “Our vision is to redefine the financial landscape by providing ethical and accessible financial solutions. We believe in a future where individuals can achieve their financial goals without compromising on their values.”

Muzzammil Dhedhy further elaborated on the Group’s commitment to compliance and innovation, by stating, “In the fast-evolving financial industry, maintaining compliance with Sharia principles requires continuous innovation. We strive to combine tradition with modernity, ensuring that our products not only adhere to Islamic finance principles but also meet the dynamic needs of our clients.”

Roadmap For The Future

Navigating the complex landscape of Sharia-compliant finance poses both challenges and opportunities. Hejaz Group recognises the importance of staying ahead of the curve and addressing the unique demands of the Australian market.

Hakan Ozyon opened up further about the challenges, by saying, “While the demand for Sharia-compliant financial products is growing, it’s crucial to stay vigilant and adapt to regulatory changes. We see these challenges as opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Muzzammil Dhedhy highlighted the role of education in overcoming challenges in the sector.

“There is a need for increased awareness and understanding of Sharia-compliant finance. As we move forward, educating our clients about the benefits and principles of ethical finance will be a key focus for Hejaz Group,” he said further.

Hejaz Group’s success at the International Finance Awards 2024 serves as a launchpad for their future endeavours, as the venture remains dedicated to expanding its range of Sharia-compliant financial products and services, catering to the evolving needs of the Australian market.

Hakan Ozyon expressed his optimism about the future, stating, “This recognition fuels our passion to continue innovating and delivering ethical financial solutions. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and remain committed to reshaping the financial landscape in Australia.”

Hejaz Group’s double triumph at the International Finance Awards 2024 is a reflection of its commitment to excellence, innovation, and ethical finance. The future looks promising, marked by growth, new ideas, and a steadfast commitment to Islamic principles.

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