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Meteoric rise of Quantum Metal: The success story

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The secret behind Quantum Metal’s meteoric rise is their team of motivated and determined leaders

In 2016, Quantum Metal introduced the first-ever holistic digital platform that facilitates gold trades where gold can be purchased, stored, and delivered anywhere in Malaysia. In 2022, this platform got recognition for being one of the biggest and most successful companies/investors in the Asia Pacific.

Quantum Metal accomplished the landmark through the collaboration with Malaysian banks, financial institutions, co-operatives, government bodies and members of registered associations. The company also initiated the link-up between local banks and international bullion suppliers like Perth Mint, Australia.

The firm has also been offering risk-reducing business models to local banks so the latter can have direct and legal transactions through Malaysian companies. After entering into business relationships with Quantum Metal, these local banks don’t need to bear the capital expenditure responsibilities as the Malaysian firm fully invests in the project infrastructures.

Quantum Metal has developed and transformed, apart from creating holistic supply chains through its strong business network and partnership with industry experts and stakeholders. Quantum Metal has its own holding/parent company registered in the USA, apart from having business partnerships in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Africa.

The secret behind Quantum Metal’s meteoric rise is their team of motivated and determined leaders, led by the company’s founder YBhg Dato’ Lim Khong Soon. Dato, an experienced businessman, has been involved in areas like precision mould, gold potassium cyanide for gold plating industries and electronic components.

In his illustrious career spanning over 20 years, Dato led the co-development of the method of recovering gold from electronic waste with Inochem of South Africa. He also has vast experience in the refining of impure gold from scrap/old jewellery, along with supplying gold to jewellery fabricators.

Holding a licence in Australia to operate Australia Bullion Bank and dealing with Australian Bullion Bankers makes Quantum Metal well-known around the Asia Pacific.

Along with Dato Lim, Quantum Metal has competent and resourceful directors and management team, in supporting the group driving from the domestic to international level, notably under the leadership of Ms Aida Lim binti Abdullah, Mr Haji Kamari Zaman bin Juhari and Mr Lim Chee Ann.

Ms Aida Lim Abdullah handles Quantum Metal’s Corporate Strategy and Development, overseeing the corporate planning, strategies, and economic activities globally, with the goal to establish a good governance framework and building a strong business ecosystem. Ms Aida Lim is an ex-regulator, and a qualified Chartered Accountant, who holds a BA (Hons) degree in Accounting and Finance. She possesses over 30 years of regulatory, banking, audit, fintech and business leadership experience. With proven track records in developing many successful businesses from start-ups to those listed on the Exchange, she has won many awards from State Government, International Professional bodies for driving Shariah & Halal Businesses, Governance and Fintech. Ms Aida Lim is also the Deputy Chairman of Quantum Bullion Exchange Board (QBEB) which is registered with the Registrar of Society in overseeing the good business practices of members of QBEB.

Mr Haji Kamari bin Juhari has over 40 years of experience in the financial industry. He started his journey in 1982 by joining the Bank Negara Malaysia as a Director of Development Financial and Enterprise Department. Being an ex-regulator, he is a veteran of Banking & Financial Industry Law and Regulation. He also ensures that Quantum Metal is on the right track in driving its journey in bullion businesses. Mr Haji Kamari bin Juhari is currently Quantum Metal’s Independent Non-Executive Chairman with the responsibility to provide guidance for Quantum Metal to ensure there are good business practices and compliance with regulations. He is also the Honourable Board Member of QBEB.

The sound and effective digital platform of Quantum Metal is championed by the Head of Technology Team, Mr Lim Chee Ann (CA Lim). He has more than 15 years of experience in developing the digital platform and is responsible for the good system that helps to facilitate stakeholders of Quantum Metal. The platform developed by the team led by CA Lim has proven to have value add, effective and efficient being deployed to banks, financial institutions, and stakeholders’ systems globally.

Quantum Metal’s leadership team also consists of a few Independent Shariah Advisors, approved by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. The company’s in-house Shariah Council Committee Board is led by another veteran, the Chairman of Quantum Metal Shariah Council, Tan Sri Sheikh Ghazali bin Haji Abdul Rahman. The Internal Shariah team led by Tan Sri Sheikh Ghazali are officials who have experience serving the country’s Shariah Court as judges, apart from advising market regulators on Shariah matters.

Quantum Metal was awarded at the ‘Asia Pacific Enterprise 2022 Malaysia’ under ‘Corporate Excellence Category in the Financial Services Industry’. Enterprise Asia, the organiser of this event, recognised Quantum Metal as one of 47 businesses that played a vital role in shaping Malaysia’s entrepreneurial landscape in the post-COVID era.

The company also won other laurels like the ‘Digital and Technology Business Excellence Award’ at ‘Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards 2020’. Former Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Datuk Lim Ban Hong graced the event both as a special guest and an awardee.

Quantum Metal’s principle is ‘at Quantum Metal, we care and we share’, a tagline which makes the company more aware of its social responsibilities and giving back to the people whenever and wherever it can. As part of their continuous CSR Program, Quantum Metal contributed 10 new wheelchairs to the community and Continuance Life Associates for Hospital Lam Wah Ee, in Malaysia’s Penang.

These awards are a testament to the hard work and determination put forth by Quantum Metal as a business group, along with its value of serving Malaysian society through its corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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