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Vista Land & the art of building ‘Cities within Cities’

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Vista Land’s commitment has been to create better and more expansive real estate offerings

Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. (Vista Land), which is one of the leading integrated property developers and Philippines’ largest homebuilder, was recently announced winners under multiple categories by International Finance for the upcoming edition of their annual awards extravaganza.

Vista Land’s CEO, Mr. Manuel Paolo A. Villar and CFO, Mr. Brian N. Edang were honoured with the titles of “Best Real Estate CEO” and “Best Real Estate CFO”, respectively.

This remarkable development provides a solid testimony to the visionary leadership and financial acumen that these officials have brought out to steer the Vista Group towards greater heights in the real estate sector.

Sharing his thoughts with International Finance, Vista Land President & CEO, Manuel Paolo A. Villar said, “This recognition is a reflection of the unwavering dedication and commitment of Vista Land. Our journey in the real estate sector is not just about constructing homes; it’s about creating thriving communities and transforming lives. This award belongs to every individual who has worked relentlessly to bring our vision to life. We are deeply committed to our mission of building not just structures but legacies, and we will continue to innovate and inspire positive change in the world of real estate.”

Echoing similar views, Vista Land CFO, Brian N. Edang, remarked, “Our financial journey has been marked by prudent decision-making, strategic financial practises, and a steadfast commitment to create value for our shareholders.”

“This award is a reminder of our responsibility to maintain the long-term financial health of the Company and uphold the trust of our investors. We will continue to optimise our financial strategies, maintain transparency, and set new standards for excellence in the real estate finance sector. This award encourages us to continue our journey with diligence, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of financial excellence,” the CFO added.

As the domain of real estate continues to evolve and adapt to new industry challenges, the leadership acumen shown by Manuel Paolo Villar and Brian Edang, along with their relentless commitment to innovation, ethical practises, and creating more than just structures will not only help Vista Group, it will reshape the direction to which the property market will be heading in coming days.

Changing The Property Landscape Of Philippines

Vista Land’s commitment has been to create better and more expansive real estate offerings. This has led to the birth of ‘Vista Estates’, a groundbreaking concept where cities are built within cities, infused with themes and features inspired by beloved global destinations.

Vista understands housing trends and consumer sentiment better than its competitors, a skill which helps it to tailor its master-planned communities to the residents’ needs.

‘Vista Estates’ not only offers housing but a complete lifestyle package, including entertainment, work opportunities, essential services, open spaces, transportation, and various residential options, all within one planned neighbourhood.

With 60 Vista Estates developments in the pipeline, Vista Land is identifying locations across the Philippine archipelago where the locals can live, raise their families, and work towards brighter tomorrows.

Vista Estates manages its residential and commercial property businesses through six distinct housing brands, which cater to a wide spectrum of residential and commercial property needs, thereby making their parent venture a versatile and comprehensive real estate developer.

Some of the prominent examples of Vista’s unique and vibrant communities are ‘Rosevale Towers’ in Tuguegarao City, ‘Verida’ in Balanga City, ‘Provence’ in Malolos and ‘North Commons’ in Caloocan City.

‘Provence’, which drew inspiration from the joie de vivre of France, received the coveted title of ‘Best Township Development in Luzon’ at the DOT Property Awards 2023.

Vista Estates has been expanding its footprint to other burgeoning urban centres across the Philippines through projects like ‘The Crescent’ in Santa Maria, Bulacan, ‘Castellana’ in Baliwag and ‘Montessa’ in Subic, Zambales.

Diversity Takes Precedence

‘Stanza’ in Tanza, Cavite is seamlessly harmonising business and leisure, while ‘Praverde’, named the ‘Boutique Developer of the Year’ at the Lamundi’s ‘The Outlook 2023: Philippine Real Estate Awards’, stands as a green sanctuary in the bustling region of Cavite. On the island of Panay, Vista’s ‘Georgia’ bested other contenders to become the ‘Best Mixed-Use Development’ in the Filipino islands of Visayas and Mindanao.

Innovative real estate projects such as ‘The Midtown,’ ‘The Montage,’ and ‘Altafina’ have ushered a new era in the housing sector of the Philippines.

The Road Ahead

Vista Land plans to create well-thought-out communities in several other regions across the Philippines.

Vista Land has created a separate niche for itself by becoming a testament to the transformative power of the Philippines’ real estate sector.

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