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Offshore wind can supply 12% of Vietnam’s electricity by 2035

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Vietnam’s offshore wind potential could help the country avoid over 200 mn tonnes of CO2 emissions

Offshore wind energy in Vietnam has the potential to supply around 12 percent of its total electricity demand by 2035, according to a World Bank Group report. By exploring its offshore wind energy potential, Vietnam could avoid 200 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

BVG Associates have prepared a roadmap that analyses two possible growth scenarios for Vietnam’s offshore wind industry. The ‘low growth’ scenario will result in offshore wind contributing to just 5 percent of Vietnam’s energy mix, whereas, the ‘high growth’ scenario will result in offshore wind contributing to around 12 percent of Vietnam’s total electricity capacity.

BVG Associates director Neil Douglas told the media, “Vietnam’s economy and carbon emissions will benefit significantly from the development of an offshore wind sector. Our experience in developed offshore wind markets is that ambitious, long-term targets serve as cornerstones for cost reduction and industry development.”

In April, it was reported that Sweden and Vietnam have expanded their energy cooperation and will further focus on sustainable energy development. Ann Mawe, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam said in an interview that both Sweden and Vietnam have conducted regular seminars to offer chances for major energy firms, in addition to stepping cooperation at the governmental level.

Vietnam is set to double the use of renewable energy in the county by the end of this decade. The country is also planning to cut carbon emissions by 15 percent during the period by reducing the usage of coal. By the end of 2045, the country plans to cut emissions by 20 percent.

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