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Earth Day calls human-induced disasters irreversible

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The celebration is a reminder to shed our old habits and speed the process of environment friendly activities

On Earth Day, tech giant Google made it special with Dr Jane Goodall’s Google Doodle in a video: “Do our part for this beautiful planet.”

Environmental activists have been trying to prevent activities that will mutate the planet in more ways than one. Some of the jarring examples include regular plastic use, global warming, climate change and release of waste from farm and poultry operations, which have led to species extinction, estuary pollution and quick melting of Greenland’s ice.

The last few years have witnessed disasters that remind us it’s time to stop going back to our old habits.

Here are a few tips you can follow for a better environment:

  • Organise a carpool with co-workers or use a rideshare app (Even the most health-conscious decision to ride a bike can make a difference.)
  • Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs that will not consume excess electricity
  • Focus on digital facilities to run payments, read e-Books, extract bank statements and receive travel tickets
  • Unplug devices at night to maximise energy efficiency and lower output
  • Ensure to have plants at home in order to regulate temperature and keep the air clean

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