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Savings Bank of Danbury offers some Smart Money tips

Savings Bank of Danbury, Smart Money tips
Savings Bank of Danbury has offered some essential Smart Money tips to help businesses and individuals comprehend the latest tax structure

Helping tax payers evaluate the alterations in tax laws of the current year, Savings Bank of Danbury has offered some essential Smart Money tips, reported CT Styles. It is the first significant reform in a long time since 1986.

For businesses lower tax rates have been charged. Corporate Tax Rate has been fixed at 21% irrespective of taxable returns. Now there is scope of improvements in the commercial real estate and business entertainment expenses won’t be deductible.

For the earning individuals, the income tax range has altered. Home Equity Line of Credit interest won’t be subtracted. Mortgage interest deduction that previously stood at US$1,000,000 has been reduced to US$750,000. State Income Tax and Local Property tax deduction have been restricted to $10,000.

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