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Smart tips to well-establish smart cities

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With the rise in the number of smart cities all across the globe, these four tips will help advanced cities to set themselves apart from others

The successful establishment of smart cities involves the employment of advanced technologies. The aim is to help these cities attain the goals of being inexpensive yet proficient.

Tech Republic‘s report states these four tips will set smart cities apart from the rest or the ones in the making by the following best practices:

Hierarchical management commitment

Although there are chances of preliminary disagreements in altering the GIS-traffic management approach, Laura Schewel, CEO, Streetlight Data, said: “Decision makers have to decide that they are going to replace older data collection and performance measurement tools and streamline existing processes.”

Analysing the differences between before and after implementing the new changes

Following up and accessing the impacts of the new infrastructure changes are very crucial. “Processes need be put in place to measure both the before and after effects of making a change based on the analytics,” said Schewel.

Systems to be more diagnostic-oriented

Systems should be modified to be more diagnostic-oriented. These diagnostics will be aid to planners and those accountable for setting up maintenance activities because they own the know-how about the infrastructure hurdles.

A system install that engages people as well

Installing advanced technologies like enhanced analytics and IoT shouldn’t be only implemented. These technologies should engage people so they know for themselves how the new system works, and shouldn’t be prone to any change or adoption of the new system.

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