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Brexit means Brexit, EU tells UK

EU voices impatience with a lack of clarity from UK PM on what she expects IFM Correspondent November 24, 2016: European Parliament leaders told London’s Brexit negotiator on Tuesday that Britain should expect to be shut out of cooperation in areas it values once it leaves the European Union. David Davis met Guy Verhofstadt, the...

US stocks fall on hint of Trump win

ABC/Washington Post poll on presidential race gave one point lead to the Republican candidate IFM Correspondent November 3, 2016: US stocks fell to the lowest since July amidst the uncertainty surrounding the presidential election after one poll suggested Donald Trump could win. The latest ABC/Washington Post poll shows US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald...
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On-demand mobile workforce disrupting BPOs

Cost factor and flexibility attract companies to this model Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya July 1, 2016: The beginning of the new century saw the emergence of a new industry in India and other developing nation — the back office industry, or the BPO as it is popularly known. In early 2000s, BPOs were all about cost...