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Brexit: Pound’s turbulence unsettling British pensions

Could drive pension pots worth hundreds of millions overseas Nigel Green October 31, 2016: The Brexit-battered pound has triggered a significant surge in people seeking advice on moving British pensions out of the UK. Since the UK’s historic vote to leave the EU, the sterling has fallen in value 14.5 per cent against the euro...

Brexit: Sterling appears more vulnerable than any other major currency

Its value in foreign exchange markets is reliant on purchase of UK financial assets by overseas investors Don Smith October 27, 2016: Despite a run of better than expected UK economic data since the Brexit vote – including 0.7% second-quarter expansion, beating estimates – financial markets are increasingly concerned about the outlook for the country’s...

Brexit: So far so good for the UK

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Among other things, it is more price competitive in global markets, thanks to the depreciation of the pound Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya September 26, 2016: Though talks of the adverse after-effects of Brexit have been going on for a while, things have not been as bad for the country as was predicted, at least for now....