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Amazon Web Services: Fifth largest global business software

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The company has grown exponentially in the last one year with cloud-based databases, data analytics tools, and raw computing capacity

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is said to be the fifth-largest global business software company.

AWS is the leading provider of cloud infrastructure technology. Companies ahead of AWS in public corporation business software are Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP, observed data from FactSet.

In 2017, AWS increased 43% and surpassed US$17bn in revenue. According to CNBC news report, the company said this represents one-tenth of Amazon’s total revenue.

If the company’s growth positively continues, there is a plausible chance for AWS to over take SAP in size by 2019.

In 2017, SAP’s revenue of US$26.5bn was increased by six percent, and a similar growth is expected this year. In the present year, analysts are looking at 38% growth at AWS based on FactSet.

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