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Dubai to switch to 25% autonomous vehicles by 2030 in new strategy

The Dubai autonomous vehicle strategy will drive Dh22 billion in annual savings

Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced a futuristic autonomous vehicle strategy for Dubai. Based on the strategy, Dubai aims to transform 25 percent of its transportation to autonomous mode by 2030. The Dubai autonomous vehicle strategy is expected to generate Dh22 billion in annual savings by reducing transportation costs, carbon emissions and accidents, reducing wasted hours, and increasing productivity.

By reducing transportation costs, the strategy aims to save Dh900 million annually.  In addition, by reducing environmental emissions by 12%, it will also create savings of Dh1.5 billion a year. Increasing the efficiency of transportation is expected to lead to savings of Dh18 billion annually.

The Dubai autonomous vehicle strategy resolution is the first in a series of legislative actions to increase the efficiency, reliability, and security of Dubai transport through smart mobility solutions. The current legislation seeks to regulate autonomous vehicle testing.

According to the legislation, the Dubai Road Transport Authority is designated to review the technical aspects and standards related to autonomous vehicles in Dubai in the vehicle manuals. The Dubai RTA will also issue licences and ensure compliance with the Dubai autonomous vehicle regulations.

The government has also tasked RTA to develop the infrastructure required to conduct autonomous vehicle tests in Dubai. The Crown Prince also said the resolution will ensure the highest levels of safety for autonomous vehicles and achieve the objectives of the Dubai autonomous vehicle strategy.


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