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Egypt to develop indigenous e-vehicles in a bid to switch to clean energy

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Egyptian authorities signed an agreement with a private sector company

Egypt is planning to develop its own e-vehicle in a bid to switch to clean energy amid growing concern for climate change, media reports said. In this regard, Egyptian authorities have signed an agreement with a private sector company.

The Engineering Automotive Manufacturing Co. (EAMCO), one of the companies of the Ministry Public Business Sector has signed a cooperation agreement with the Egyptian Brightskies Company to develop control technology for managing the operation of e- vehicles.

Minister of Public Business Sector, Hisham Tawfik said that the cooperation agreement will increase the production of power units and electrical control systems and the installation of a basic engine for the vehicle to complete the operation in preparation for obtaining all credits to complete the localisation of the electric vehicle industry in Egypt as repetitive patterns with multiple capabilities to serve all market needs of different models, starting from private cars to mass transit buses.

According to the minister, a prototype will be developed within a year to manufacture a 15-passenger microbus. He further added that around eighty percent of the e-vehicle will be designed and manufactured locally.

Earlier this year, the minister told the media, “The first 100 electric cars will be produced in August 2022, where cars will be of single motor and three different batteries.”

“The country will build 3,000 charging stations for electric cars, where 6,000 cars can be charged at the same time. Half of the number of the stations will be near homes or work places.”

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