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How to use Whatsapp as a quick note tool?

IFM_whatsApp's quick note tool feature
Whatsapp has become a primary messaging app, as most of us use it regularly on a daily basis

Whatsapp has become a primary messaging app, as most of us use it regularly. Apart from messaging, the app can also be used as a quick note tool as well.

Three ways to use Whatsapp as a note-making tool:

Begin a group chat
Create a group on WhatsApp and remove the other members. It is the easiest way to start a self-chat, as you will have an empty chat group to yourself. This could be the easiest way to share and download the files.

Click to Chat
Open your web browser and paste this address on your address bar: ‘’. Add your Whatsapp number with your country code. For example :- ‘’
Here, 1 is USA’s ISD code and X would be replaced by a 10-digit mobile number.

Next, you will see a new web page with two options – ‘Continue to chat’ or ‘Continue to web chat’. After you select one of the options, you will be redirected to your phone number’s chat. Send a ‘Hi’ or anything to start a chat with yourself.

Chat with your alternate mobile number
A lot of people use two mobile numbers, one for professional purposes and the other for personal life. These people can register one of their mobile numbers on Whatsapp and the other on Whatsapp Business. By doing so, they can chat with themselves by using their alternate mobile number.

One can use it to take notes, share videos, images, and documents, and even record voices.

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