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Nigerian ed-tech startup raises $7.5 mn

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The startup is preparing to expand across the African continent

Nigerian ed-tech startup has raised $7.5 million in series A funding. The startup is preparing to expand across the African continent. In the past, Africa has lured foreign interest because of its untapped potential in technology, fintechs and healthcare. 

The startup was founded in 2019. Its chief business is focused on curating personalised, curriculum-relevant content through mobile and PC devices for students in the K-7 to K-12 segment. To date, uLesson has offered tailored content for Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Gambia. 

Entrepreneur Shagaya told the media, “The appreciation of the importance of education has always been there; the means of delivering digital, relevant education has previously been lacking. We are now witnessing an increased availability of data networks in Africa and with more affordable smartphones and the change in attitudes towards online learning accelerated by Covid-19, the foundations are now in place for an education revolution. A uLesson, we know we have a critical role to play in this ‘new normal’ and this funding will be crucial in our drive to fill the major gaps in Africa’s education system through technology.” 

Additionally, the startup is seeking to launch new products in the pan-African market. “Africa is not one place. Different needs, cultures and curricula mean that uLesson has to carefully and deliberately think about how to design products and distribution channels to serve such a vast market. Almost daily we receive emails from families across the continent asking us to make services available to them. And in 2021, we will,” he said.

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