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Start-up of the Week: DXWand transforms MENA AI with multi-dialect chatbot

DXwand believes in empowering businesses with advanced AI technology, thereby bridging the digital divide, and driving growth and success at unprecedented speed

When it comes to leveraging the ‘intelligent’ nature of conversational AI, streamlining operations, enhancing customer engagement, and unlocking valuable insights, DXwand’s cutting-edge generative AI and insightful knowledge-mining expertise are there to help the businesses, in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and beyond.

In today’s episode of the ‘Start-up of the Week’, International Finance will talk about the venture, which cashing upon its fame of helping Middle East businesses to automate customer service and employee assistance, raised USD 4 million in Series A funding.

What The Venture Is All About?

What started as a promising journey in 2018, with only two innovative engineers dreaming big, has become a trailblazer in 2024, in terms of eliminating the limitations of existing customer support solutions for global businesses.

The venture has so far helped over 200 clients to enhance their customer experience and business growth, thereby emerging as a force in the tech industry to be reckoned with.

DXWand is delivering top-tier services and game-changing results, apart from driving CSR initiatives promoting education and digital literacy among future generations.

DXwand believes in empowering businesses with advanced AI technology, thereby bridging the digital divide, and driving growth and success at unprecedented speed.

DXwand realised the lack of a specialised digital assistant, which could meet the multifaceted needs of businesses across various industries in the MENA region. The start-up undertook the ambitious initiative of creating its very own digital assistant.

While more than 35 tech professionals became part of the start-up in 2018, in 2022, the venture raised USD 1 million in an initial funding round, which was led by China’s Huashan Capital.

Leading the AI revolution across the MENA region and beyond, DXwand is redefining business operations in fintech, telecom, government, healthcare, and e-commerce sectors. The venture’s trailblazing DXP platform has empowered hundreds of businesses to elevate their operations, boost efficiency, and skyrocket customer satisfaction.

DXP is a multi-dialectal tool built to overcome language barriers and the associated complexities, helping businesses eyeing game-changing growth and innovation.

DXP offers unparalleled customer service with AI that comprehends and interacts in various Arabic dialects. DXP further helps the client ventures to upgrade their marketing and customer engagement games by offering seamless integration across multiple channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Website Chat, Shopify, Mobile App and Messanger.

Creating The Difference

DXwand has become a known face in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, England and the United States, being trusted by ventures like Bupa, Egypt Post, EFGHermes, Urban Jazz Kitchen and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. These businesses are using the start-up’s cutting-edge AI capabilities to redefine their business dynamics and global expansion rulebooks.

Using the transformative power of its Arabic-speaking AI platform, DXwand has solidified its position as the leading chatbot service in the MENA region.

DXWand elevates its clients’ business strategy with its end-to-end AI suite, tailored for impactful results, while harnessing actionable insights with advanced data mining, apart from using the technology to help the clients navigate complex business regulations.

DXP’s solutions seamlessly integrate and adapt to any enterprise software system, while complying and adhering to regulations of its working environments and the overall industry.

DXWand envisions business intelligence, where data meets decision, and innovation meets implementation. Its solutions enable the clients to implement informed decision-making as DXP analyses vast amounts of data, necessary for the businesses and their strategic choices. DXP also helps to find key insights, trends and patterns from a vast tranche of data, that leads to businesses making smarter, data-driven strategies, and most importantly, gaining a market edge.

Using the ‘From Speech to Actionable Data’ approach, DXP captures every spoken interaction, thereby turning conversations into insightful data for formulating business strategies. The AI-powered tool also converts written content into natural, engaging speech, making the information more approachable for the client’s audience, apart from relaying the speech in multiple languages.

After integrating DXP in its enterprise software, the client company can easily turn raw data into actionable insights, while maintaining operational efficiency and customer satisfaction at the same point of time through consistent communication.

Every month, DXWand’s digital assistants successfully navigate over five million conversations, proving time and time again their unparalleled proficiency in handling large-scale interactions with ease.

While earning the confidence of over 200 businesses spanning diverse sectors, DXWand’s digital assistant shoulders 70% of the customer service burden, liberating human agents to focus on more complex tasks and strategic objectives. Last but not least, businesses leveraging the start-up’s AI-driven platform have experienced a tripling of customer conversion and retention rates.

Using Tailored Solutions For Industries

DXWand’s digital assistant has been a game-changer in the healthcare industry, when it comes to understanding patient needs, optimising operations, and elevating care quality. The digital platform is simplifying complex healthcare processes while enhancing patient interactions.

DXWand’s solution here is the perfect marriage between technology and empathy, where every patient is made to feel valued and every operation is made to run smoothly. Be it mental health, specialised care or remote treatment, DXP is there to support diverse health needs and ensure accessible and effective care.

Using the intelligent digital platform that simplifies complex healthcare processes and enhances patient interactions, healthcare facilities across the world have seen a 45% increase in patient satisfaction, 35% faster patient care delivery, 60% reduction in mundane administrative tasks, 50% uplift in operational efficiency, 45% increase in patient engagement quality and 30% improvement in patient data accuracy.

For fintechs, DXWand provides smart solutions, which transform data into actionable insights for the industry stakeholders, along with boosting customer accessibility with voice-activated financial solutions, while using DXP to effectively convey key financial information in multiple languages and ensuring end-to-end AI solutions for streamlined operational successes.

DXWand’s chatbot platform’s multitasking ability comes in handy for the fintech companies, when it comes to handling customer enquiries, guiding them through transaction processes and facilitating customer onboarding. For an industry which thrives on technology to stay ahead in the race, DXWand helps start-ups and innovators disrupt the industry with flexible and cutting-edge solutions.

DXWand’s solutions in the sectors like healthcare and fintech are the perfect examples of the venture establishing its expertise in providing breakthrough industry solutions for other industrial verticals and expect the start-up to continue the same path in the coming days too.

DXWand in the news

As DXWand acqured USD 4 million in Series A funding in January 2024, the amount will help the venture to continue its MENA region expansion plans, apart from accelerating its research and development activities in generative AI, knowledge mining, and omnichannel conversational AI.

Interacting with TechCrunch, DXwand CEO Ahmed Mahmoud, who previously worked in Vodafone and Microsoft, stated that before setting up his venture, he found out that conversational AI and broader AI technologies were not fully matured in the Middle East.

“At that time, I tried to validate if we could build AI models for spoken dialects in the region, but we encountered some challenges. The realisation of a business opportunity prompted me to resign from Microsoft and establish DXwand to address this gap,” he stated further.

Seven years down the line, DXWand has been able to do what the Silicon Valley giants failed to implement in the MENA region, a diverse set of conversational and broader AI tools, tools which not only caters to the aspirations of the region’s industry verticals, but has also taken the customer engagement game to the next level through a multi-dialectal chatbot.

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