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VIDA leads digital health revolution, one step at a time

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Cloud Solutions aims to be the go-to provider of digital solutions for delivering business services to clients

Saudi-based Cloud Solutions is winning laurels for providing cutting-edge digital capabilities and AI-enabled solutions. The venture has been at the forefront of driving innovation and transformation, while setting the benchmark for Health Information Systems, ERP solutions, and end-to-end vendor-agnostic integrations.

“For over fifteen years, our mission has been to empower healthcare providers to revolutionise patient accessibility to healthcare services. Our tailored solutions optimise the utilisation of clinical and administrative resources, resulting in reduced waiting times and costs, while improving patient experience and customer satisfaction,” Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing, Ms. Hala Sami told the International Finance.

Tasked With Providing Best-in-class Solutions

Cloud Solutions aims to be the go-to provider of digital solutions for delivering business services to clients, offering cost-effective global solutions to healthcare organisations based in the Middle East.

“What sets us apart is our ability to understand and address the unique needs of each client. Whether it’s a flagship ‘green field’ project or a ‘brownfield’ project requiring seamless integration with existing systems, we are committed to delivering excellence at every step. We believe in providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure our solutions achieve long-term success and sustainability,” the venture added.

An Impressive Product Line-up

“Our AI-enabled digital solutions complement and strengthen the world-class delivery of our healthcare partners in a range of fields, including AI Imagery Analysis, Health Care LLM, RTLS (Wayfinding & Crowd Management), AI-managed KPIs, RCM Smart Rejection & Denial Management, and Smart Device Management & Load Balancing,” Ms. Hala Sami emarked further.

More than 50 healthcare providers harness VIDA, our cutting-edge AI digital solution, to revolutionise patient care. Boasting 9,000+ managed beds and nearly 7 million medical records, VIDA leads innovation. Its paperless Electronic Health Record (EHR) system ensures seamless documentation and retrieval of clinical information, guaranteeing updated records with each new encounter.

VIDA is a pure ‘Cloud Native Web-based information System’ that uses virtual servers and Internet web services, while maintaining bi-directional integration with several medical devices.

VIDA consists of several Clinical specialised medical and administration modules. VIDA is also designed to alert users of any wrong action/missing data, apart from managing the activities of specialised clinics.

The solution also allows patients to monitor their health in a non-clinical environment through secure direct messaging. VIDA helps healthcare providers to improve their operational standards as per regional and international standards.

VIDA also allows the end users to define their own tailored data entry templates. This helps the medical professionals to save their time, reduce mistakes and raise the quality of patient care.

VIDA’s impact is remarkable, benefiting over 50 healthcare providers. Managing 9,000+ beds and generating nearly 7 million medical records, VIDA transforms the healthcare landscape. The VIDA app, with over 40,000 users and 700,000 downloads, facilitates 2,500 patient appointments and 30,000 virtual care appointments, underscoring its crucial role in delivering remote healthcare services.

The venture has also developed Cyclus (cloud-based solution covering Revenue Cycle Management processes), MOHEMM (which helps clients to manage and extend their employees’ electronic services), Vidaptor (cloud native lab middleware), Synchrony (digital signage system), Emdaa (dynamic online forms designer and workflow system), Htick (infotainment platform) and Synapses (tele-health services).

The Road Ahead

The venture enabled record-breaking telemedicine and remote monitoring capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We addressed the increased patient demand on limited clinical resources, resulting in a 90% patient satisfaction rate, 800 simultaneous online consultations (a world record), and a 20% improvement in operational efficiency, and a 25% decrease in staff turnover,” Ms. Hala Sami told the International Finance further.

VIDA has improved patient engagement, apart from transforming the aspects of day-to-day healthcare operations like patient appointments, accessing medical files, reports, checking symptoms, dealing with insurance claims, and payment-related functionalities.

“With more than 20 specialised modules, microservices architecture, and cloud and on-premise deployment options, we cater to diverse needs. Our expertise in backend technologies such as C#, Java, Scala, TypeScript, and JavaScript further solidify our position as a trusted and reliable partner in the healthcare industry,” the venture told the business publication, while concluding, “We are driven by the desire to shape the future of healthcare delivery, streamlining processes, enhancing patient care, and driving operational efficiencies.”

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