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New telco Gorilla mobile lets you convert your unused data into digital tokens

The telco will primarily target professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (PMETs) along with SMEs with its blockchain technology

Next-generation telco startup Gorilla is spearheading a whole new approach to the mobile communications experience, where the telco will allow the users to convert its unused data into digital tokens. The Singapore-based telco, which is set to launch in September, will primarily target professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (PMETs) along with small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) with its blockchain technology.

Gorilla mobile will also offer a full suite of digital smart solutions that is suited for current PMETs. Additionally, Singapore offers the perfect target audience for the telco’s launch, thereby offering a higher chance of success.

Customers can sign up for Gorilla mobile’s Switch25 plan on the telco’s website and in the coming months, the company is expected to unveil its new services like Global roaming travel data sim card, Digital international direct dialing, and Global Office telephony solutions.

Xanne Leo, founder, and CEO of Gorilla Mobile told the media, “A lot of PMETs are now working from home and are mostly wired or connected by Wi-Fi. So usage of mobile data has dropped a lot because nobody is going out. You can use [the tokens] to redeem other services, like international direct dialing calls or travel roaming data, or you can share it with your team members, your family members, or your friends. Typically, business users buy bigger traveling roaming data packages, but they’re not using everything. And maybe their trips are cut short and they jump to another place. So we created SwitchBack for them so that when you have unused data roaming data, we can convert it back to a digital asset.”

The blockchain-powered feature was originally launched for travelers as the telco was initially a travel SIM card company that provided connectivity in 61 countries. At present, the telco has a 15-person team in Singapore and another three employees in Thailand and plans to boost its workforce to 50-100 people across Southeast Asia.

Image credits: Gorilla Mobile

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