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Start-up of the Week: The ‘Microamp’ revolution in Europe’s telecom sector

Microamp describes its 5G mmWave as a next-generation private network tailored to boost productivity and allow the digital transformation of industrial environments

The term 5G is becoming the key buzzword in the 21st century telecommunication sector, with applications like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT) demanding reliable, stable, and faster wireless networks. Poland-based Microamp Solutions has stood up, established in 2019, to the challenge by providing an innovative 5G mmWave infrastructure that will provide super-fast networks with minimal latency that could be set up easily and affordably.

Today’s episode of International Finance’s “Start-up of the Week” will discuss the venture in detail, which is helping industry-level enterprises to reshape their network with its 5G mmWave technology, thereby letting these businesses remain future-proof, while unlocking the technology’s full potential.

A Sneak Peek Into Microamp

Microamp Solutions is a European Union-based deep tech company, tasked with enabling the digitisation of the most sophisticated industrial processes by providing customers with innovative 5G & 6G mmWave Private Network deployments.

It has been named one of the “10 Most Promising Polish Startups” by EU Startups. The venture also emerged as the finalist of the “SCF Industry Awards 2023”. The category where it emerged as the second best was “Outstanding Contribution to Emerging Technology and Architecture.” Microamp has also been recognised as one of the six world-leading 5G start-ups by Nanalyze Magazine.

Microamp’s products have been trusted by giant ventures like Qualcomm, Intel and Capegemini, while the start-up is also a part of organisations like 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association, O-RAN Alliance Summit, SCF and PIIT.

Checking Out The Products

Microamp describes its 5G mmWave as “a next-generation private network tailored to boost productivity and allow the digital transformation of industrial environments.” The innovation aligns with the operating principles of the “Networks of The Future”, by being powerful, agile and steadfast.

The 5G mmWave is fully suited for industrial usages like energy plants and mining facilities, disaster connectivity and mass events. The tool comes with “most powerful 5G mmWave radio units”, superior speed, near-zero latency and extended range locked in a compact device.

Following the “Plug & Play” approach, Microamp’s networks can be deployed in a matter of hours, while quickly adjusting to the client’s operational needs. The tool also unlocks the full potential of “Industry 4.0” solutions, by catering to the networking requirements of the industrial AR/VR, remote controlling and autonomous vehicles.

Microamp Solutions is equipping enterprises and network providers with flexible and scalable private networks based on the 5G mmWave technology, which are easy to set up, scale and integrate, apart from possessing the highest data processing rate and capacity, OpenRAN (open radio access network architecture) standard, plug & play approach and last but not the least, storing all these elements into hardware manufactured in Europe, thereby helping the continent to become self-sufficient in the 5G field.

Microamp 5G mmWave consists of 5G Core, CellBox mmWave radio units, a selection of plug & play end-devices and use-case optimised applications. With the “Plug & Play” approach, the Microamp network gets deployed in a matter of hours and can be easily integrated with the existing network. Enterprises get the full coverage when and where it’s needed the most, and can easily modify the setup when necessary.

The network comes with a ‘Planning Software’. Then you have elements like Spectrum Access, CellBox mmWave Radio, 5G Mobile Core, Private SIM Cards, Management Software, User Interface and lastly User Equipment.

CellBox Air 5G mmWave Access Point provides 10 Gbps throughput and latency below 5 ms, a powerful wireless solution of the highest capabilities. The Cellbox gets seamlessly integrated with existing industrial networks, while supporting every type of wireless device. CellBox Air also has a high-power output allowing for a range of 300 metres in mobile setup and even more for fixed wireless access.

Opening Plethora Of Possibilities

Microamp is rewriting the playbook around the advanced wireless communication standards, through its high-frequency millimetre wave bands, which significantly boost bandwidth capacity and enable faster data transfer rates and almost zero latency.

Here are the benefits a business can achieve after opting for Microamp’s 5G mmWave for its industrial activities.

Higher Efficiency: The cutting-edge network parameters improve communication and launch applications to optimise costs and boost productivity.

Increased Flexibility: The “Plug & Play” approach gives the client business the agility to adopt and scale the network swiftly supporting a wide range of industrial activities and preserving flexibility to customise.

Enhanced Work Safety: The 5G mmWave technology also helps businesses conduct remote inspections, apart from enabling faster emergency response to enhance overall workplace safety.

Decreased Costs: Optimised system cost, power efficiency and simplified deployment reduce the overall cost of 5G network deployments and the total cost of ownership.

Better Decision Making: Along with real-time data streaming, the 5G mmWave technology’s processing capabilities enable quick response to changing business conditions and events.

Lower Carbon Footprint: Appropriate mmWave utilisation decreases energy consumption per unit of traffic, thereby minimising the overall carbon footprint for network connections.

The 5G mmWave also enables the deployment of a wide range of innovative and disruptive technologies. Businesses can deploy augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) on an industrial scale, introducing capabilities such as remote object controlling in non-accessible areas, real-time assistance conducted by engineers/consultants based in different locations, or conducting immersive pieces of training for the engineering staff.

When it comes to bringing advanced monitoring systems into play, mmWave unlocks the possibility of VR cameras and surveillance drones taking the industrial security game to the next level by working in unison with CCTVs and autonomous vehicles. This solution comes in handy for securing large outdoor areas like factory compounds, power grids, power lines and construction sites.

With 5G mmWave networks, real-time data processing and analysis can be carried out more efficiently due to their faster data transfer rates and lower latency. This comes in handy during the “Digital Twin Simulations”, which in turn, ensures more accurate monitoring and optimisation of physical systems.

Microamp In News

Microamp Solutions showcased its product line-ups during the 2024 Mobile World Congress Barcelona, spotlighting the venture’s 5G mmWave radios. At the same point in time, the company announced a collaboration with AMD, a recognised leader in adaptive computing. AMD’s Zynq RFSoC will be integrated into Microamp’s Radio Units, resulting in the 5G mmWave network getting a massive boost in its performance and scalability.

Also, Microamp has allied with Munich-based CONGIV, a foremost system integrator and network provider. The tie-up will facilitate advancements in 5G mmWave technology for industries, academic institutions, and laboratories throughout Europe.

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