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Zain Iraq’s groundbreaking marketing campaign wins accolade

Zain Iraq was the first telecom operator to launch the trial phase of its 4G-LTE services

Over the years, telecom users across the globe have been affected by various factors that heavily and rapidly impacted their usage habits. Given the changes in consumer behaviour, demand and expectations, telecom service providers are racing to establish themselves as pioneers in the field of digital transformation, opening doors for more innovation, agility, simplicity, better data and insights, and a transformed customer experience.

Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group – the leading mobile telecom innovator in seven markets across the Middle East and Africa (MENA)-is not far from this transformation and development. As Iraq’s largest and most innovative telecommunication operator, the telco recently received the ‘Best Marketing Campaign’ award for its 4G-LTE launch campaign and the ‘Most innovative Digital Transformation Telecom Company’ award for the launch of oodi at the International Finance Awards 2021. These awards were provided in recognition of Zain Iraq’s continuous efforts towards achieving digital transformation, along with Zain Iraq renewed offers, initiatives, and distinguished projects that aim to answer and exceed subscribers’ needs and aspirations.
In January this year, Zain Iraq was the first telecom operator to launch the trial phase of its 4G-LTE services across the country, following its promise to provide subscribers with the fastest and best 4G-LTE network in Iraq, and marking the start of the digital transformation process utilising fourth-generation technologies. Taking place amid challenging circumstances imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic among several other factors, this milestone served as the building block for innovation in products and services empowering Iraqis in consumer sectors, entrepreneurship, healthcare, and education sector, and the wider economy.

A revolutionary marketing campaign
Zain Iraq launched its 4G-LTE services through a world-class campaign that featured two popular stars Saif Nabeel and Mohamed Ramadan. The campaign was designed to showcase the importance and benefits of fourth-generation services for Iraqis in various aspects of their lives. The campaign is considered to be one of the most important advertising campaigns for the company in the last 10 years. It reflects the importance and scale of the fourth generation provided by Zain Iraq to its users.

The campaign video was filmed following high artistic techniques, from directing to selecting locations of photography, music, lyrics, sounds, and visual effects. It is considered one of the largest advertising campaigns in the country in terms of production and art featuring Mohamed Ramadan and Saif Nabeel who both enjoy an outstanding fan base and followership on social media channels. The launch campaign achieved unprecedented success registering over 33 million views on YouTube and 22.7 million views on Facebook.

oodi, Iraq’s first all-digital telecom product
Meanwhile and as part of its ongoing efforts toward digital transformation and innovation, Zain Iraq has successfully launched oodi, Iraq’s first all-digital telecom product, offering its services via an innovative application powered by Zain Iraq. oodi provides subscribers with a simple, all-digital mobile experience that frees them from the traditional retail buying experience. From the moment customers download the new oodi app, they have all the power they need to manage and customise their mobile services and offers. The digital 4G-born service facilitates all-digital sign-ups, customising plans, tracking spending in real-time, and opting for add-ons and boosters, all through the oodi app, delivering the mobile service of the future.
oodi unique digital experience offers subscribers the flexibility they want, as they can create their own plans, upgrade, or downgrade them, all with no contracts or commitments, thus only paying for what they need. Subscribers also benefit from greater transparency as they can track their usage and spend on the go, while enjoying an easy and simple journey using the app, and Iraq’s fastest 4G speeds covering the whole country. With never-expiring credit that can be used for online purchases and many other benefits, oodi provides an exceptional and favourable customer experience, all online at the comfort of subscribers’ hands.

The launch of oodi represents the company’s bold ambitions and its drive to achieve digital transformation. This has earned Zain Iraq the ‘Most innovative Digital Transformation Telecom Company’ award at the International Finance Awards 2021. It highlights Zain’s success and its ability to develop and invest in services that will continue to create and facilitate opportunities in Iraq and enable a sophisticated digital lifestyle, all while reinforcing loyalty among subscribers and attracting new ones.

Zain Iraq launches Unlimited 4G-LTE Data
As part of its ongoing efforts to provide leading products and services, Zain Iraq recently launched its Unlimited 4G-LTE Data monthly offer for all Zain-Fi devices, pre-paid and post-paid subscribers across Iraq. The new offer provides an array of added-value benefits, allowing users to enjoy unlimited 4G data and the fastest internet in Iraq. The Unlimited 4G-LTE Data monthly offer launch followed an increase in internet usage demand and in response to the growing subscribers’ needs across all sectors.

During the past two years, Zain Iraq has focused on catering to the evolving needs of Iraqis amid the changes imposed by the pandemic. The company has also been keen on driving innovation in various fields and industries and fuel economic diversification. Several initiatives were created to facilitate uninterrupted communication across the country and ease the pandemic’s burden on the local society and various economic sectors.

Building on its vast experience and know-how, and being part of the wider Zain Group, Zain Iraq continues to accelerate the digital transformation by bringing to market the latest and world-class products and technologies that fuel and support growth and development.

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