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Start-up of the Week: ZeroTier and the world of decentralised network

ZeroTier, founded by Adam Ierymenko in 2015, is driven by the vision of directly connecting the world’s devices and enabling a new era of decentralized computing

In today’s episode of start-up exploration, International Finance will talk about a platform called ZeroTier, which is used to deploy and maintain secure peer-to-peer networks.

These virtual networks are unique in themselves, as they are not only encrypted, but also when it comes to tightening the product security further, only the network owners are given access to the encryption keys. According to the start-up, their platform currently hosts over 1.2 million networks that handle over 3 million connected devices.

Entering The ZeroTier’s World

“ZeroTier lets you build modern, secure multi-point virtualized networks of almost any type. From robust peer-to-peer networking to multi-cloud mesh infrastructure, we enable global connectivity with the simplicity of a local network,” the start-up commented.

ZeroTier’s solutions help clients to build their businesses and networks, as the start-up uses its technical expertise to handle these ventures’ physical networking complexities.

ZeoTier’s solution is known as the ‘Next Generation Network Virtualization’.

“Our network virtualization technology delivers the power of enterprise software-defined networking to every device, service, and application whether it’s located on premise, at the edge, or in the cloud,” commented the venture, while explaining the product.

“We solve hard networking problems for the world’s most admired companies and organizations, while millions use ZT for simple connectivity, from playing games online to connecting to their home networks from their mobile device,” it added further.

The ZeroTier SDK enables developers to embed high-performance networking into modern applications that are easier to create and pleasurable to use. These professionals can easily build connected products and services, at a faster rate, with ZeroTier’s help, while avoiding the management cost, liability, and security impact of a large, highly-involved networking cloud presence.

Consolidating The Decentralised Networking Sector

ZeroTier, founded by Adam Ierymenko in 2015, is driven by the vision of directly connecting the world’s devices and enabling a new era of decentralized computing.

“ZeroTier offers the fastest, most flexible solution to deploy and maintain secure zero trust peer-to-peer networks. Supporting millions of devices globally with a proud open-source heritage, ZeroTier provides unrivalled ease of connectivity and management for modern networking use cases. ZeroTier is trusted by organizations in an expansive range of global industries including Information Technology, Cloud, Telecommunications, IoT, Robotics, Manufacturing, Media, Automotive, Energy, Agriculture, Aerospace, and Defense,” the start-up commented.

As of May 2023, ZeroTier has established itself as an open-source and free app that helps its customers by building additional layers of virtual networks, which can be deployed and used on any kind of server.

It can establish virtualized Ethernet cables. The clients need to add servers on a cloud supplier, local computers, and tablets and devices (whichever is possible). That’s how simple the installation and management processes are, in terms of adding and running ZeroTier servers.

ZeroTier claims to offer protected digital networking that’s compatible with regional and national networks. Zerotier’s products consider the whole globe as a database centre, with the By considering the whole globe as just one database centre, powered by a system based on the SaaS (software-as-a-service) philosophy.

ZeroTier’s decentralized software helps companies to create services enabling a pleasant low-friction user interface, while eliminating the expenses, responsibility, along with safety and confidentiality consequences associated with a big, heavily connected online infrastructure. The venture has supplied over 3 million connected devices to date to companies and clients based in 192 countries.

ZeroTier’s solutions cover fields like information technology, cloud computing, telecommunications, the Internet of Things, robotics, production, the press, automobile energy, farming, aerospace, and defence.

ZeroTier users can create a virtually safe multi-point network without breaking much sweat, as the company allows worldwide access to local networks, ranging from strong network sharing to multiple cloud services to mesh technology.

Peer-To-Peer Connectivity

ZeroTier’s solutions integrate both VPN (Virtual Private Network) and SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network), thus streamlining the network administration.

ZeroTier is basically a “zero-configuration” system, where without creating configuration documents or supplying Internet Protocol addresses for different nodes, the venture/customer can establish ZeroTier nodes.

ZeroTier’s Virtualization Layer 2 (VL2) acts as the configuration manager. Here, the client has to input a digital code, when the connection gets shared by the latest nodes, in order to join the ZeroTier network.

ZeroTier connections between peers are swift and straight interactions. These individual nodes are assisted by the start-up’s base servers in creating a collaborative interconnection.

The Road Ahead

When it comes to the decentralised networking sector, ZeroTier has competition from the likes of Vmware, Huawei and Nokia.

However, This competition will make the venture continuously reinvent its products (preferably by bringing disruptive technologies) and business strategies, which in turn, will benefit the market at the end of the day.

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