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Okinawa Autotech to recall 3,215 EV scooters

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The company has taken this decision to fix issues related to batteries.

Electric two-wheeler maker Okinawa Autotech has announced that it will be recalling 3,215 units of Praise Pro scooters with immediate effect. The company has taken the decision to fix issues related to batteries. Furthermore, the company has stated that this was part of its comprehensive power pack health check-up campus.

Three e-scooters belonging to Okinawa Autotech have already caught fire, one of which cost two lives. Due to such life-threatening incidents, the company has taken this call willingly in order to curb life-threatening incidents.

According to the Economic Times, the company in its statement said, “The batteries will be checked for loose connectors or any damage and will be repaired free of charge at any of the Okinawa authorized dealerships pan India.”

It further added that the electric 2W maker was working closely with the dealer partners to ensure that the repair experience was as per the convenience of its customers, for which the vehicle owners would be contacted individually.

Commenting on the recent incidents of EVs catching fire abruptly and causing deaths, Road Transport & Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said in the Lok Sabha, “This is a very serious issue and we have ordered a forensic investigation into each individual event. The government will take appropriate action after a detailed technical report is submitted in 30 days.”

Previously, the term ‘recalling of vehicles’ wasn’t considered a good word and reflected poor manufacturing processes. However, with years and with the complex machinery, this practice has become more prevalent in the global internal combustion engine (ICE) automotive industry.

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